The best projector screens to buy in 2022 – based on different criteria

In our previous article about setting up a home theatre, we mentioned that projector screens are one display option. They are used to view the images projected by the projector which is placed in front or behind. Projector screens are either mounted on a wall or come with stands for support. Of course, they are not only used in home theatre but also in offices, schools and other places.

The size of the room, budget, indoor or outdoor and more factors have an impact on what projector is best for you. That is why we have listed some of the best projector screens based on different criteria.

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Budget-friendly projector screen 

P-JING Projector Screen

projector screens
Image Courtesy: Amazon

This screen from P-JING is a best seller on Amazon. That is probably because of everything it has to offer for such a low price. It is US$ 26. This 120-inch screen with a 16:9 aspect ratio allows you to watch videos in high definition clarity. As it only weighs 2.2 pounds, it is pretty convenient to carry it around anywhere you want. This includes indoors and outdoors. That is right, this projector screen is built in such a way that the images are crystal clear even outside. 

With the screen being portable, you can fold it as small as required. There is no need to worry about any creases or wrinkles. Even if there are any, it is suggested that you iron the screen with low heat. Also, setting it up is easy so that would not be a hassle when you move the projector screen from one place to another.

As the screen offers 160-degree viewing, this equipment is perfect for large groups of people to watch something at the same time. Each viewer does not have to sit directly in front of the screen. Thus making it perfect for screening in places like parks, resorts and anywhere you need to show content for a public gathering.

In addition to the 120-inch option, there are other sizes available include 100 and 150. If you want, you can get stands along with the screen. 

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Projector screen for an outdoor screening

VIVOHOME Movie Projector Screen

projector screens
Image Courtesy: VIVOHOME

Another bestseller that is acclaimed by several users is this inflatable projector screen by VIVOHOME. It comes with a fan pump that blows up the screen and keeps it fully blown up as long as you need. The fan does not make any noise while doing it. The additional mount on the back supports the screen. 

This projector screen is perfect for outdoor viewing as it is made out of 210D Oxford cloth that makes the screen resistant to weather. According to fabric manufacturer Duletai, “this fabric repels water and resists rips and tears.”

As easy as it is set up, the product is also easy to maintain. Once the fan is removed, the screen shrinks. Thus becoming simple to clean and store. This 16:9 aspect ratio screen is available in two size – 16-feet one that costs US$ 200 and 20-feet one that is US$ 220.

Projector screen for a large room

GHKJOK 200-inch Large Projector Screen

projector screens
Image Courtesy: GHKJOK

Looking for a projector screen for a large home theatre setup, then this 200-inch projector screen is a great option to consider. With a 16:9 aspects ratio, the screen has a viewing angle of 160 degrees. It can be used with a rear projector and a front projector.

It is perfect for entertainment purposes as it supports three dimensional and 4K high definition visuals. To add to it, the screen has a 1.6 gain. This means that the image reflected by this screen is 1.6 times brighter than the light projected on it. This way, the pictures are as vivid and clear as you see on a TV, laptop or mobile screen.

It comes with metal round holes on the corners that make installing the device easy. When not in use, the screen can be folded without worrying about creases or wrinkle marks. Given that it is less demanding to pack it and fix it, it is also very considerable for people who need a portable projector. Also, if you think it is going to be heavy given its size, it is actually only 2.6 pounds. Moreover, it is easy to maintain as it is washable. 

This oversized screen is priced at US$ 52.

Projector screen for a small screen

Ylife 84 inch portable projector screen

projector screens
Image Courtesy: Ylife

If you are setting up your home theatre in a small room, an 84-inch screen like this is a good choice. A large-sized screen may sound appealing especially if you want that at-the-theatre vibe. However, when the distance between the projector screen and the viewer is low, a small screen is ideal.

This screen has a 165-degree viewing angle. It is made of polyester and spandex that make the screen anti-creasable and anti-wrinkle. Thus also making this a mobile projector screen. Plus, despite its size, its big viewing angle allows many people to watch the screen. It is perfect for office and schools as the distance between the people sitting in the front and the screen is low. To add to it, if there are more people who have to see the screen, then this Ylife screen is a considerable option. 

It has an aspect ratio of 16:9 and supports both rear and front projection. You can watch 4K high definition content with this screen. It has a 1.2 gain meaning the visuals from the projector is 1.2 times brighter than the projector light. 

The hooks and ropes that come along with the screen make setting up the projector screen very straightforward. Given that it can be hand-washed, it is easy to keep it clean. However, you should ensure that you dry the screen immediately to avoid any damages. 

This 84-inch screen costs US$ 24. If you want something slightly bigger, you can go for the 100-inch one. That is also US$ 24.

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