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Playful Photo Manipulations Create Unusual Animal Hybrids

Seoul-based artist and photographer Sarah DeRemer playfully combines different animals and food to form unusual and amusing hybrid creatures. Using photos of cuddly kittens, baby penguins, snakes, and even bananas, she seamlessly fuses two unlikely subjects into a perfect pair. The results are fantastical and often realistic-looking portraits of animals that we’ve never seen before.


The adorable animal hybrid is just the latest of cute crossbreeds DeRemer created. Previously the artist and photographer posted a variety of punny creations, such as The Kiwi.

Fox and Chicken Hawk and Rabbit Mitten, a Monkey and Kitten Mouse and Cheese Pengueal, a Penguin and Seal penguitten Puma and Deer Snake and Banana Speal, a Pug and Seal Mitten, a Monkey and Kitten 2 Hummingbird and Flower Cat and Fish