40 Hilarious Photographs Show Scenes Captured One Second Before Disaster

These incredible photos were taken at the perfect time to catch some hilarious incidents – right before they happened. These unlucky people were caught one moment before their unfortunate fate. Let’s take a look at these amazing shots below.

#1 Let me see if you brushed your teeth.

#2 And the gates of hell opened…

#3 It was the best concert ever.

#4 Owing to a lack of antelopes and zebras, I have to settle for a chicken.

#5 If I cannot have you, Milk, nobody can!

#6 Nothing can save it.

#7 A risk-taker.

#8 A second before a billion curses.

#9 The moment before a snowball fight.

#10 Oh no: Don’t look up… but it’s slightly too late


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#11 Wow: Wonder how this ended?

#12 A second before death, and two moments before lunch.

#13 I’m fed up with your squirming!

#14 A second after the horse understood it’s not Santa Claus.

#15 I can fly! In to you

#16 Shocker: She doesn’t know what’s coming

#17 A second before… I hope he’s OK.

#18 I told you Mary should sit behind! She could have balanced us out!

#19 Catch me!

#20 A moment before someone was fired.

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