Photographer Captures Amazing Squirrel Photo Session Ever

Russian nature photographer Vadim Trunov has had close encounters with squirrels before, but this is the first time we’ve seen his photos of squirrels playing or shooting photos of each other!

The amazing images, captured by photographer Vadim Trunov, appear to show one squirrel flying through the air to catch the cone after its companion throws it – but the truth is rather less friendly.

‘I put a pine cone in the snow, walked away, and waited,’ Trunov said of his wildlife shoot. ‘After some time, the squirrel ran up and started to gnaw it hungrily.

‘A little while later a second squirrel appeared, this one tried to banish the first squirrel and lunged at her. It was amazing to see because they both would spring into the air, it was truly fascinating to watch.



‘But the first one squirrel was not going to give her cone. She grabbed the cone and jumped to her. Then she attacked and chased away her opponent.’

squirrel-photos-by-nature-photographer-vadim-trunov-1 squirrel-photos-by-nature-photographer-vadim-trunov-2 squirrel-photos-by-nature-photographer-vadim-trunov-3

squirrel-photos-by-nature-photographer-vadim-trunov-4 squirrel-photos-by-nature-photographer-vadim-trunov-5

squirrel-photos-by-nature-photographer-vadim-trunov-6 squirrel-photos-by-nature-photographer-vadim-trunov-7 squirrel-photos-by-nature-photographer-vadim-trunov-8 squirrel-photos-by-nature-photographer-vadim-trunov-10 squirrel-photos-by-nature-photographer-vadim-trunov-9 squirrel-photos-by-nature-photographer-vadim-trunov-11 squirrel-photos-by-nature-photographer-vadim-trunov-12 squirrel-photos-by-nature-photographer-vadim-trunov-14 squirrel-photos-by-nature-photographer-vadim-trunov-15 squirrel-photos-by-nature-photographer-vadim-trunov-16 via dailymail