Where to stream Korean dramas? And websites to discover KDramas.

Whether you are already a fan of Kdramas or just getting started, we are usually looking for different sites to stream Korean dramas. Especially because it is hard to find a single website to watch all the dramas out there. Fortunately, there are many paid and free sites that you can use to watch KDramas. 

Also, most of the websites mentioned below also have movies and variety shows from Asian countries. 

Rakuten Viki

stream Korean dramas
Image Courtesy: Screenshot from Viki.

Rakuten Viki is an amazing option to stream Korean dramas. Specifically for people exploring KDramas for the first time or trying to find something new to watch. The website lets its user filter content according to the genre. Given its sorting option, you can check which dramas have good ratings from fans, which dramas are popular over the week or which ones are all-time favourites. Viki also releases some ongoing dramas. It allows people to do streaming parties

In this on-demand streaming site, it is the fans who write the subtitles. Most of the time, cultural references and idioms are explained instead of just literal translations. The subtitles are not just in English but in many other languages. For instance, the famous Boys Over Flowers has subtitles in 95 languages. 

While the site lets you watch many KDramas for free, there are video ads that come up within each episode. To watch without any interruption, you should pay for a Viki Pass Basic or the Viki Standard which lets you access more content. 

Additionally, Viki has a learning mode and when switched on subtitles appear in the drama’s original language and your chosen language.

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Say you are new to KDramas and want to get a head start, Hulu is a great option. The OTT platform has a few Korean Dramas, to the point that you can count them with your fingers. However, every single one of them is popular, well-liked and highly-rated ones that almost anyone would like. The OTT gives quite a detailed synopsis for each drama which you can read without having to log in.

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New AsianTV

New Asian is a free on-demand site to stream Korean dramas, It has a good collection of pan-Asian content. The site lets you know which dramas have subtitles and which ones do not. They indicated it using the SUB and RAW tag. It is usually the newly released episodes that do not have subtitles.

The site has a section on the right side showing dramas that are trending on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. No clue what to watch, then this makes choosing easier. All its content is free and there are display ads. You can find the latest dramas on the website. 

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stream Korean dramas
Image Courtesy: Screenshot from Netflix

Netflix has a good collection of KDramas, especially the ones that are highly-rated. It is sorted according to the genre. The over the top platform even has its original dramas like Crash Landing On You, The King, It’s Okay To Be Okay and more that have become fan favourites and a must-watch among KDrama watchers. 

As a brief synopsis is given for each drama, you can easily read them to pick a drama you would possibly enjoy watching. Netflix also suggests other KDramas that you can watch and indicates how much percentage each one is similar to the content you usually watch. The streaming site also lists dramas based on your watching habits.

Once you pay for the subscription, Netflix’s content is completely ad-free and safe thus making it one of the best sites to stream Korean dramas.

Netflix also posts dramas that are currently on air. New episodes are released weekly or according to the KDrama’s original network’s schedule. While Netflix does have a good selection of KDramas that have a good popularity ranking, not every drama is on the platform.

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Kissasian is an all-free site to stream Korean dramas. The website has almost every KDrama that have been released to date or on the air. The website allows you to find Kdramas using its title or the actors’ name. So, if you have recently discovered an actor, Kissasian is the site to go for watching all their dramas.

Best of all, the site has a Disqus commenting section under each of its content. Here fans can share their thoughts on the drama. If you are looking to discuss a drama you just finished watching with other KDrama fans, then there is a place to do it.

While Kissasian is completely free, it has pop-up and display ads. From typing in the title to choosing the specific episode of a drama, the site opens an ad in a new tab for every step. Once closed, there is an additional overlay ad. The site has different server options that you can choose from and some of them have a captcha test for every episode. There is surely a bit of delay before you can start watching a drama. Once you get to the site’s full screen, you can watch the videos without any interruption.

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More Sites To Stream Korean Dramas

stream KDramas

Kocowa: Available in North America and South America

iflix: Available in Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Philippines

Asian Crush: Available in North America


On Demand Korea: Available in North America and South America



Do Not Know What To Watch? Check These Sites

stream Korean dramas
Image Courtesy: Screenshot from KDrama clicks

KDrama Clicks

KDrama clicks is basically a resource to explore what drama to watch. You can pick with the use of genre or see which ones are trending. There are also in-house editorial reviews that give you an insight into which dramas are worth the binge. Here you can only watch the trailer and not the drama itself. 

Start discovering here.

My Drama List 

This one has a list of all the dramas available with different details about each drama. These include the synopsis, cast, reviews, photos and even similar content. When you stumble upon something interesting to watch, the site shows where you can stream the particular drama. 

Start discovering here.

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