Fitbit Luxe and other stylish fitness bands for health buffs

Fitness bands have evolved so much over the years that it is all a person needs to keep track of their health. It is equipped with different qualities like tracking heart rate, blood pressure, sleep cycle and menstrual cycle. Connecting the fitness band to a smartphone adds more benefits to this gadget. With that being said, fitness bands are not just health stats at the fingertips but also a fashion statement. There is a range of colours, size and fit. That means, in addition to looking for the features, people pay attention to the looks too. We have compiled some of the most stylish fitness bands for fashion-forward wellness enthusiasts. The list mostly includes newly launched ones.

Best Stylish Fitness Bands 

Fitbit Luxe

stylish fitness bands
Image Courtesy: Fitbit X Gorjana

Fitbit is usually the first brand that pops into one’s mind when one thinks of smartwatches and fitness trackers. It has made such a name for itself with its line of products. The recently introduced Fitbit Luxe combines the advanced technology of wellness tracking with style. 

It boasts features like tracking heart rate, the oxygen level in the blood and breathing rate. These features are further enhanced by the five-day battery life. The Fitbit Luxe is able to record every step without the need for charging. Given the long battery life, the Fitbit Luxe can be put to use even while sleeping. It can be used to record and improve one’s sleeping habits. 

The strap comes in three different colours – lunar white, black and orchid which are elevated by the complementing buckle shades – soft gold, graphite and platinum respectively. Its sleek design means it is not just modish but also comfortable to sport all day.

Fitbit has partnered with the jewellery brand Gorjana to add another look that replaces the simple strap with a luxurious Parker link bracelet. It is available in two shades – platinum and gold. 

Price: Fitbit Luxe – US$ 149.95

Mi Smart Band 6

stylish fitness bands
Image Courtesy: Mi

Mi Smart Band 6’s six colour choices – black, blue, orange, yellow, olive and ivory – make this product one of the most stylish fitness bands. To add to it, the rounded-rectangle dials are customisable. The wearer can add a display picture of their choice and mix match the gadget to their liking. 

Well, the fitness band is more than just its elegant looks. It is built-in with so many leading-edge specs. Firstly, it offers a very long battery life of 14 days and 19 days with battery-saving mode. That is more than two times longer than many fitness bands. It helps to monitor heart rate, sleep cycle, breathing quality, oxygen saturation in blood all day. This device tracks the user’s sleep cycle accurately by recording their heart rate.

The Mi Smart Band 6 suggests tailored activities based on the data it collects. That is why this wellness gadget is unique both in and out. It also recommends breathing exercises and ways to relax when stressed. It also helps women to keep track of their mensuration and ovulation cycle.

When the person wearing it is ready for a workout, there are 30 fitness modes including Zumba, boxing, high-intensity interval training, core training, swimming and pilates. It is water-resistant up to 50 metres. Moreover, the gadget lets one choose between five styles of swimming. Thus making it perfect for managing a log of one’s swimming. 

Besides, this wearable technology is equipped with other features like calendar reminder, event reminder, find my phone, playback music and more. 

Price: Starting from US$ 35 onwards

Huawei Watch Fit

stylish fitness bands
Image Courtesy: Huawei

The Huawei Watch Fit is a go-to for people who like to switch between a variety of workout. The smart band offers 96 workout modes. Out of which 11 are professional sports like swimming and cycling. The fitness tracker monitors the wearer’s heart rate, calories and blood oxygen level in real-time. Thus letting the person evaluate how effective their workout is. It also helps to improve the workout routine through its “scientific training effect evaluations and professional guidance.”

The Huawei Watch Fit has a10-day battery life. Best of all, the device functions all day with a five-minute charge. 

This gadget not only tracks one’s sleep cycle accurately but also suggests scientifically-backed tips to improve everyday sleep. It acts as a stress buster by giving breathing techniques that alleviate stress. Moreover, it notifies you whenever you get a notification on the mobile phone connected to it. 

As for the design, the brand offers two different styles – the normal and the elegant edition. The normal one comes with silicon straps of mint green, sakura pink, cantaloupe orange and graphite black colours. The elegant edition comes in midnight black and frosty white.

The bezel’s metallic touch complements the strap shades well. The fitness watch has an array of themes that also gives the smartwatch the final touch.

Price: US$ 138 without offerWith 34% discount $91 at Amazon

Apple Watch Series 6

stylish fitness bands
Image Courtesy: Apple

Called “the ultimate device for a healthy life,” the Apple Watch Series 6 reads your health metrics precisely using sensors and illuminating LED lights that detect one’s blood oxygen level accurately. It also provides ECG statistics. 

While the smartwatch provides a number of workout regimes to aid in different exercises, it comes in handy even at the night. It improves your sleep pattern. It also motivates you to exercise regularly. Besides, Apple lets you listen to music and podcast as you work out. That way your fitness routine never gets boring. The watch is also water-resistant till 50 metres deep. 

Speaking of the design, Apple offers a range of dark and light colours and, designs to choose from. Whether you want a plain strap or a braided strap, there is one for you. Best of all, Apple sells interchangeable straps and it lets you customise the watch. Choose the dial size, case and strap as you like.

Moreover, as Apple has partnered with Nike and Hermes, the collaboration has given buyers more designs to choose from.

Price: From US$ 399 onwards | Individual Straps: US$ 49 onwards.

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