20 Surreal Emotive Photography by Ilya Kisaradov

Surreal emotive photographs by Russian photographer Ilya Kisaradov (aka ezorenier) are absolutely mind-bending. The photographer’s subjects often exhibit a sense of confinement and isolation in nature that is heightened through props like a birdcage or even one’s own hair wrapped tightly over the subject’s mouth.

Emotive Portraits ezorenier 1 Emotive Portraits ezorenier 2 Emotive Portraits 3 ezorenier4 ezorenier5 ezorenier6 Emotive Portraits ezorenier 7 Emotive Portraits ezorenier 8 ezorenier9 ezorenier10 ezorenier11 Emotive Portraits ezorenier 12 ezorenier13 ezorenier14 Emotive Photography 15 Emotive Photography 16 Emotive Photography 17 Emotive Photography 18 Emotive Photography 19 Emotive Portraits 20

Ilya Kisaradov on deviantART

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