Tattooed Porcelain Figures

Artist Jessica Harrison has created a series of Victorian-style porcelain figurines that she has augmented with tattoos. The figurines are on display at “Flash,” her solo exhibition at Galerie LJ in Paris through June 24, 2014. images via Jessica Harrison, Arrested Motion


Tattooed-Porcelain-Figures-by-Jessica-Harrison-1 Tattooed-Porcelain-Figures-by-Jessica-Harrison-2 Tattooed-Porcelain-Figures-by-Jessica-Harrison-3 Tattooed-Porcelain-Figures-by-Jessica-Harrison-4 Tattooed-Porcelain-Figures-by-Jessica-Harrison-5 Tattooed-Porcelain-Figures-by-Jessica-Harrison-6 Tattooed-Porcelain-Figures-by-Jessica-Harrison-7


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