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30 Craziest Products From Japan… You Never Knew Existed

In Japan, manufacturers create a lot of crazy things for consumer use but these products have no utility, no function, and no real purpose of existing. Check out these 30 amazing examples of unusual Japanese products.


#1. Tiny umbrellas for women to put their fancy heels under in the rain.

unusual japanese products 1



#2. The “Liberation Wrapper,” so women can hide their mouths while they eat.

unusual japanese products 2

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#3. Lap pillow, comfy pillows that are shaped like a woman’s lap for business men to sleep on.

unusual japanese products 3

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#4. A shouting vase, marketed as “a vase to hold your anger in.”

unusual japanese products 4

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#5. The Facewaver, a mask that’s supposed to give your facial muscles a workout.

unusual japanese products 5

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#6. An air pillow to hold your smartphone while you bathe.

unusual japanese products 6

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#7. A dictionary desk pillow, so it looks like your face is always in the books.

unusual japanese products 7

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#8. The Voice Trainer, which helps train women’s voices so they speak with a sweeter, softer tone.

unusual japanese products 8

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#9. A 360 degree photo taking apparatus.

unusual japanese products 9



#10. A noiseless karaoke mic, for people who get shy on stage.

unusual japanese products 10

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