Vivo V21 – The new smartphone with the best selfie camera

Vivo launched two renditions of the new V21 model to its existing line of V series smartphones. There is one important feature that has got everyone excited, especially the ones who like taking selfies. The Vivo V21 has a state of the art 44 MP front camera. One of the highest when compared to the selfie cameras of any mobile phone from any brand. Learn more about the new addition to the V21 series. 


When it comes to design, Vivo is known for its sleek and stylish smartphones. That is also the case when it comes to the Vivo V21. It is 7.29 millimetres thin and weighs only 176 grams. Its screen size is 6.44 inches and is slightly curved on the corners. Thus making it easy to carry around. 

The display screen is surrounded by thin bezels on all its edges. These give the phone its full view display with an FHD+ (Full High Definition Plus) resolution that is 2404 pixels ×1080 pixels. The phone’s viewing experience is further enhanced by the E3 AMOLED display. For those who do not know, the AMOLED technology makes the screen have a high colour contrast and consumes less energy.

In addition to that, the back of the phone is layered with an anti-glare matter glass. This gives the extra grip that a person needs to ensure that it does not slip easily while holding. The AG matte glass also keeps the smartphone in good condition as it is scratch-free and smudge-free. With this type of glass, fingerprints do not leave a mark.

The Vivo V21 is available in three shades and the names are inspired by the nature – Sunset Dazzle, Dusk Blue, and Arctic White. Moreover, it has the FunTouch operating system 11.1 that makes the phone screen look very visually appealing.

vivo v21

Front Camera

As mentioned above, the Vivo V21 has one of the best selfie cameras to date. This is because when it comes to the front camera, most brands have a lower megapixel than the Vivo V21’s 44 MP OIS (Optical Image Stabilisation) front camera. The more pixels, the higher the picture quality. Best of all, this model is budget-friendly when comparing to other counterparts with a front camera using more megapixels. 

With this 44MP OIS selfie camera, the user can take photos in different modes such as the AI Night Portrait and the Super Night. It is equipped with an advanced autofocus feature. It allows shooting 4K videos that are stable.

In fact, this is the first smartphone with OIS technology. OIS sees that every photo you take is vivid and show clear details even when it is dark. 

Rear Camera

The rear camera also uses OIS technology with 64MP. This produces shots that are brighter and detail-oriented. The picture’s quality is not reduced by zooming in. This means your pictures are going to look good no matter how far you are from the subject. Moreover, the camera covers a wide angle.

The best part, the Vivo V21 is integrated with the dual camera feature. This allows you to use both the front and rear camera at the same time.

vivo v21


When a phone has cameras with high pixel value, it requires more storage space. This is because the photos or videos taken have a larger file size. In other words, the size of a picture captured by a 16MP will be lesser in megabytes than the one captured by a 44MP camera. This calls for higher storage space. That way your phone does not run out of space after taking some photos.

Vivo V21 offers two option when it comes to storage. You can either go for 128GB or 256GB. Additionally, both types have a RAM (Random Access Memory) storage of 8GB. To add to them, the smartphone boasts an extended RAM technology of 3GB. With both the RAM spaces combined together, it is guaranteed that the gadget works at a high speed. 


The Vivo V21 is equipped with the ability to support a 5G network. This takes a person’s online experience to a whole new level. The connectivity is faster. It uses an octa-core processor that adds to the smartphone’s speedy performance. 

Additionally, the phone supports UFS 2.2 that also contributes to the phone’s smooth performance. It is written on Vivo’s official website that the UFS 2.2 “offers a 110% faster read speed and a 95% faster write speed when compared with the previous generation technology in V20.” Moreover, this smartphone uses a 90Hz refresh rate. This allows one to scroll, switch through apps and do other tasks without any interruption. 

Moreover, with its 4000mAh battery life, one can use it for long without having to worry about draining the battery. Even when the charge gets low after long use, the gadget is integrated with a 33W FlashCharge. This charges the phone up to 63 per cent within 30 minutes. 

This phone has three slots – two to put in nano sims and one to put in a micro SD card. It is a hybrid slot letting you choose whether you want to add extra storage space or an extra sim card. 

When a person buys the Vivo V21, these things come along with it. “Documentation, type c USB cable, USB power adapter, earphone jack adapter, sim eject tool, phone case and the protective film applied.”

vivo v21

In a press release for the launch of Vivo V21, Spark Ni, the Senior Vice President and CMO of Vivo said, “We developed our V21 lineup based on our insights into what our customers value the most in their phones. This OIS front camera marks a radical step in setting the standard for future smartphone front cameras.”

They also added that “as the virtual world continues to merge with our physical reality, the V21 series’ front-end OIS camera with its powerful selfie spotlight, sleek design and amazing user experience will help our customers present their best selves both virtually and in person.”

Image Courtesy: Vivo

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