The Best & Easy Ways to Make Money with your Phone

The Best & Easy Ways to Make Money with your Phone

There are many ways to make money with your phone. Here are some of the ideas on how to make money off your phone because these days, our smartphones are one of the most powerful tools we have. A communication device, a miniature computer, a gaming platform, an electronic book, a GPS- the capabilities of our smartphones are often beyond our wildest dreams. We’re used to constantly being connected to our phones, so it probably won’t surprise you to learn that now more than ever people are looking to find ways to make their constant tech connection worth their time.

However, what is surprising to a lot of people is that you can actually use your phone to start making money. All you need is your cell phone and an internet or data connection plus these handy and useful tips to start turning your phone into a money-making machine.

Take A Walk with Your Phone

Do you love daily exercise or listening to a good podcast or music while you work out? Sweatcoin lets you cash out your daily workouts, converting exercise and routine phone use into cold hard cash.

The Sweatcoin app takes your daily walks and puts them through a GPS location, then converts your daily steps and mileage into credits that can eventually be deposited into your bank account. For every thousand steps you log, you earn a set number of Sweatcoins that you can trade in for products, gift cards, and more within the in-app marketplace.

Test Phone Apps

Phones run on mobile apps- the little applications we use on a daily basis to customize our phone’s functionality. Most companies work hard to develop successful apps, but they often farm out their testing to other consumers to make sure that real life customers enjoy their apps as much as the developers do. That’s where you come in!

Many companies are dependent on the reviews and feedback they receive from their testers and customers in order to discover issues with the way their apps are designed, resolve any problems or glitches, and overall increase user satisfaction and experience with their app. As someone who tests or tries out different apps, you can earn money per app or per issue you can identify, all from your own personal phone. App testing and review is a reliable way to make extra money while working from your own smartphone and on your own schedule.

Take Surveys

Through platforms like Swagbucks or Survey Junkie, you can take a few surveys a day from your phone and start earning all kinds of extra cash. Surveys are simple and straightforward ways to make cash online without having to commit a lot of time or energy to the project.

All you’ll need to do to start making money off of surveys is choose a host platform, create a profile, and begin completing surveys. From there, you’ll be asked to give your opinions on all kinds of products, platforms, or other topics.

They’re the perfect way to start making some extra money on the side because you can do them from anywhere on your phone, whether you’re on public transport or just scrolling through your phone on a work break.

Proofreading Online Content

Proofreading is an easy and popular way to make money from your phone because it’s such an in-demand service at the moment. More people than ever are creating and producing online content, and a staple role in the online publishing industry has always been proofreaders. Proofreading involves reading over work that someone has already created and offering editorial comments and contents, whether it’s fixing typos or clarifying grammar or style mistakes.

All kinds of businesses and services have begun using proofreading services, and it’s one of the fastest growing industries to join as a freelancer and complete from your phone. You can sign up with a proofreading service to join their staff or create and offer your own services via a freelancing platform such as Fiverr; either will create plenty of opportunities for you to begin cashing out paychecks right off your phone!

Swap Out Your Browser

If you own a smartphone, you likely use an internet browser on a regular basis. Google is popular and synonymous with searching for information online, but there are some internet browsers that work just as well as Google AND will pay you for searching on their platform!

Sign up to begin using InboxDollars as a search engine and earn money for every task or search you complete through the platform. While the initial investment is small, daily searches will add up quickly, creating another side source of income you can count on. Getting paid for using your own phone has never been easier.

Shop Online (and Get Cash Back, too!)

Are you a big online shopper? If so, then your phone is likely already your best friend. However, you can turn online shopping off your phone into a money making plan easily! Certain platforms offer rebates or cash-back rewards for shopping online with them, so you’re actually getting paid to shop for things you’d already be buying.

One good example of this is through Rakuten (formerly Ebates) or Swagbucks, but you can also search for local cash back programs in your area and target them as well. Ibotta is another popular favorite because all you have to do is scan your receipt and the app will instantly identify and begin sending you rebates and cash back in your account! You could also even sign up to become a personal shopper for others and pick out online recommendations from the comfort of your own phone! However you choose to shop, you can definitely turn your phone into a shopping home base that starts helping money pour in as well!


Ready to get to work on your phone making money? Each of these methods will help you build up a steady and reliable digital income over time and provides scheduling and personal flexibility because you can tap into them anywhere as long as you’ve got your phone! Making money on your phone has never been easier than with these time-tested tips and tricks.