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6 Ways to Use Podcast as an Effective Marketing Strategy

In today’s virtual sphere, having a stellar online presence has become inevitable. Almost every company has a social media profile, digital storefront, active advertisement campaigns. These strategies can keep the company afloat in the digital marketplace but won’t help you stand out in the crowd. Therefore, one needs to think outside the box and develop strategies to stay one step ahead.

Decades after video killed the radio, the audio-only format is making a massive comeback through podcasts. These days, podcast consumption is rising rapidly, and soon, it is likely to become a powerful content marketing tool. However, brands are cynical about using podcasts as a marketing powerhouse, but the benefits it brings to the table are second to none. In addition to providing convenience, podcasts can help you build a bond with audiences. So, why not use podcasts in your market strategy?

Podcasts are more approachable and relatable than conventional blog posts, allowing marketers to represent a different side of the brand. You could talk about rising health concerns, different body types, economic conditions, or anything that aligns with your niche. After all, podcasts can be quite interactive. So, how to use podcast as a marketing tool? If you are ready to jump on this endeavor, keep reading. Here we are unfolding six ways to use podcast as an effective marketing strategy.

Prepare Shownotes 

Unsurprisingly, podcasts go beyond passive listening. You can take calls from audiences, encourage dialogue, and gather valuable insights from listeners. But what about the people who weren’t able to join the podcast on time? Besides bringing impeccable content, consider expanding the reach of your podcasts. You can create shownotes on your webpage that relates to the content you cover in the podcasts. It would build strong relationships with audiences while encouraging them to visit your site.

However, converting audio into notes might seem time-consuming, but you can always integrate tech-savvy tools. It’s good to search a podcast shownotes software and transcribe your podcast episode in minutes. It builds brand authority because the more content you have on your website, the more legitimate it looks. Besides, these notes are great for search engine optimization (SEO). It puts your podcasts in front of new visitors, expanding your customer base.

Leverage Your Guest’s Audience 

Mostly, podcasters invite guests to cover industry-specific topics. For instance, if you are talking about fashion and new wrinkles in the market, calling a fashion designer would be the right choice. These are industry experts who have a diverse knowledge of the field and a massive social media following. In addition to giving exclusive insights to listeners, you can leverage the guest’s audience. You can also request your audience to share the podcast link on their social media profile and different online pages.

Apart from your regular listeners, you would have access to more audiences. If possible, capture their email addresses to send updates about new podcast episodes. Remember to ask for sign-up in the middle or at the end of the episode. It would help you to ensure that your listeners enjoy your content. Moreover, you can add relevant links in the shownotes that guests can share with their audiences.

Optimize For SEO 

The success of your podcast solely depends on the topic choice. An engaging and trending topic can captivate more people, expanding your audience base. But sometimes, even an exciting topic fails to bring results because people are unaware of the podcast. Therefore, focus on creating awareness about your podcast before the launch. If you’re wondering how to do this, then here’s the answer.

Firstly, create a landing page for your podcast and optimize it for the search engine. Include keywords your target audience uses when looking for new podcast episodes. Similarly, you can optimize the podcast title and add relevant keywords in the shownotes and episode descriptions. Choose your keywords wisely, as it helps in getting better reach.

Use the Two-Week Rating Rule 

Are you foreign to the podcasting world? Usually, marketers launching their podcasts for the first time don’t have much idea. They try to attract massive traffic by getting their podcast uploaded on the Apple Podcasts section. It might sound like an incredible idea but getting featured on Apple’s page is no easy feat. You have to show Apple that your podcast is gaining traffic.

In short, you have to get the highest number of downloads and reviews in the first two weeks once your podcast goes live. You might think it is impractical but in a population of 7.8 billion, getting a few hundred downloads is not impossible. Have a look below for some tips.

Convert Audio to YouTube Videos 

Despite the rising trend of podcasts, videos remain one of the top favorite content formats of audiences. In many cases, videos have the edge over audio content because the search results show videos before audios. Thus, to make the most out of your podcast campaign, consider converting it into a YouTube video. You can either record the video with the episode or use software to convert audio into videos.

You can also add graphics, images, or infographics to make your podcast more interesting. Through these video conversions, you can reach out to YouTube audiences and spread the brand message across various channels. Besides, videos create immediate SEO results, helping you increase webpage rankings.

Promote on Social Media 

Undoubtedly, social media is opening doors to opportunities marketers didn’t have before. Therefore, use your creativity to promote the podcast on social media. You can share rich media, soundbites, video clips, or images from the episode. Similarly, before broadcasting the episode, share teasers on social media to create hype among the audience. Alongside spreading awareness, it entices digital users to check what’s in the podcast for them.

Moreover, you can pin the episode on Twitter and Facebook. The minute people surf through your brand, they’ll catch sight of the podcast. Lastly, keep sharing the podcast at least 2-3 times a day to remind people about the broadcasting time.

Final Thoughts

Sooner or later, the digital world would be overflowing with podcast episodes. Before your competitors discover this new trend, start using podcasts in your marketing strategy. You can use podcast as a marketing tool. From shownotes to social media promotions – keep finding ways to reach a huge chunk of listeners. After all, the greater your audience reach, the more traffic it brings to the website, boosting the likelihood of conversions.

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