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New Cheaper WordPress Themes from

New WordPress Themes from

Have you been using and noticing that you just aren’t getting everything you want and are paying way more than you should be? You aren’t alone, but good news! has you covered with new, improved WordPress themes at lower prices! The five new themes: Boast, Drubo, OutSide, Profe, and uniqlo, support a variety of business options, checking off every thing you will need on a new website. These new designs from ThemeZeus are less expensive than and offer immortal design, responsiveness, premium customer service and support, browser compatibility, infinite customizations, and perpetual updates. These themes offer customizations that are great for any company, whether you are a blogger, a creative, a retail site, or a corporation looking to enhance exposure. The best part is you can ‘try before you buy’ and go through the demo for each theme to see which you think will fit for your companies needs.

Boast – Corporate WordPress Theme

Boast, one of the new themes, is a great business theme for those in the creative industry. It’s a very enticing, colorful and responsive theme, making it perfect to display your portfolio, or showcase your latest blog post. Boast offers a bevy of options for customization so that you can get your website up and running without the frustration of confusing terms and navigation. ThemeZeus provides a list of shortcodes and quick links to help you speed up the initial setup process. You can set up your whole site without coding in this easy drag and drop page-building theme. Plus with the customizations you can offer 24-hour support with chat, contact options, and links to all social channels.

Drubo – Business WordPress Theme

Drubo, like Boast, is a great, colorful theme that is visually stimulating and great for creative companies and individuals. It also has a drag and drop page builder, is very responsive and resourceful page. Drubo is both mobile and SEO friendly, which makes it ideal for competitive businesses. The theme offers a large background image with animation slider options, giving you endless opportunities to display your latest product, or most recent blog post. The homepage slider is interactive, making your visitors want to stay on your page and helping to increase engagement. Drubo’s sleek design helps is inviting, yet professional and the various page options make it easy to include all information for your business in an organized manner.

Outside – Minimalist WordPress Theme

Outside is ThemeZeus’s latest Woocommerce WordPress theme. It’s minimalist approach to web design is sleek, easy to navigate, and draws the focus directly to your products. Whether you are selling men’s fashion, furniture, tools, or digital products, Outside is a fully responsive page that automatically adjusts to any size or resolution. No more losing customers thanks to poor theme translation to mobile and tablets!
Outside offers three different home page variations, a sleek, modern design, easy to use contact forms, and a variety of fonts, to align directly with your product demographic.

Profe – Corporate Business Theme

Calling all Newbie Entrepreneurs! ThemeZeus released an ‘everyman’ WordPress theme with Profe. It’s easy to use template works for any type of business, making it ideal for those companies just getting off the ground and in need of a lot of quick changes. Profe offers three homepage options, cross browser optimization, an array of Google fonts, and eleven HTML pages with its clean, simple design. Profe’s layout is very straight to the point and easy to navigate as a customer.

Uniqlo – Minimalist WordPress Theme

Uniqlo is another WooCommerce WordPress theme recently rolled out. It is another elegant, minimalist design, perfect for showcasing your products. Whether you are selling accessories, children’s clothing, or jewelry, Uniqlo is the perfect theme.
This theme is also easy to manage without any coding knowledge thanks to the king composer page builder plugin and the drag and drop design. All of the demo content available with this theme is free, promoting a quick setup of your site so you can get to doing what you do best, SELLING!
The Uniqlo theme offers one-click importing, flexible page options, and is already set up for WooCommerce.

Basics of ThemeZeus WordPress Themes

With each theme there are a variety of customizations available to meet your every need. From multiple header and logo options, to pagination, site width, and mobile menus, users can rest assured that ThemeZeus has them covered with these new options.
Some of the more exciting features that you can find with themes like Uniqlo and Outside are the testimonial pages, video popup shortcode, and product list carousels. A huge feature today is being able to send newsletters to your customers, subscribers, and viewers. These news and improved themes offer shortcode for newsletters as well as advanced MailChimp options, making it easier than ever to connect with your users.
The best part is that they are just as affordable as they are easy to use.

Benefits of ThemeZeus Page Builder Features

Setting up a new website can seem daunting, but with the page builder features offered on all five new ThemeZeus themes, you should be able to be set up in no time.
1. Easy Customization – With the easy customization, you can get your site up and running immediately.
2. Time & Money Saver – With the ease of page builder, there is no need for extensions and outsourcing.
3. No Hand Coding – No stress with learning HTML to get all of the features you
want or need for your site.
4. Increased Client Satisfaction – A happy customer will always come back to buy again. With all of the tools to communicate with your customers they are sure to be repeat business.
ThemeZeus Support Options
We all get stuck from time to time, especially when trying something out of our comfort zone, like creating a website. ThemeZeus has plug in support for Page Builder, SEO, Speed Optimation, MailChimp, and most importantly Spam, among others. Support is also offered in multiple languages, covering all users.
After sending out Beta samples to select users, the reviews are in and these new WordPress themes are rating 5 out of 5, with comments like, “easy to use” and “really happy with this theme.”

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