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Most Common Technologies We Use On an Everyday Basis in Today’s Workforce

If you’ve been in the workforce long enough, you’ve taken notice of just how much technology has shaped today’s workforce in various industries. Long gone are the days of simply punching in and out and putting in a little “elbow grease”… Today’s workforce, with the addition of technology, has taken the aspect of “elbow grease,” and replaced it with “working smart, not hard.”

To be fair, technology hasn’t completely taken hard work out of the equation but it has made significant differences in making certain processes much easier to implement and maintain. Everything from utilization of the internet to improve communication to robots and AI for automation, technology has evolved and shaped the face of the typical workplace and is showing no signs of slowing down.

Why People Fear Technology

Because technology is ever-evolving, it has stirred up some unnecessary fears in the workforce. According to the Stanford Graduate School of Business, things like AI, automation, and machine learning have lots of people fearing losing their jobs to robots. The article states that automation isn’t what eliminates jobs; automation eliminates repetitive tasks that come with certain jobs, thus making jobs easier for employees.

This is something that people were calling “Rise of the Robots.” The truth of the matter is that there are certain industries and work-related tasks that humans can do but since the emergence of technology, it has made those jobs much easier and more efficient for both the employee and business overall.

So what people are really fearing is not knowing how to use those technologies. The great news about that fear is that a lot of these technologies are very easy to learn and to get adjusted to, so much so that people and businesses are taking those technologies and making them a part of a daily routine and business standard.

Take a look at the most common technologies we use on a daily basis in today’s workforce, regardless of industry.

Common Technologies Found in Today’s Workforce

Internet and Search Engines: Access to Information

The use of the internet is such a  common standard in so many industries, it’s somewhat pointless to even mention it, as if it’s an “unspoken known.” but you have to mention it simply because it’s the basis for almost all technologies of today.

The internet is specifically designed for you to access the information you’re trying to find and it’s done through search engines. Google and Bing are the biggest search engines out today and anyone in any industry uses them to search for information that they don’t know about.

Whether you’re looking up how to run a business or looking for the best supplier of dispensing machines, the internet will show you everything you’re looking for. Its first suggestion might show results for a consulting agency that’s best known for helping entrepreneurs get their start. Then it might show you results for bdtronic for your dispensing machine needs.

The main thing is that the internet is a powerful tool that gives you access to information that might otherwise be hard to find.

Mobile Devices and Location-Independent Work: Work From Anywhere

It’s a known fact that the internet has definitely changed the workforce tremendously but in addition to the internet, mobile devices came about and also changed the workforce as well. How? Mobile devices give people the freedom and flexibility to work from anywhere as long as they have access to the internet.

Everyone from entrepreneurs and remote workers to freelancers has the ability to conduct business from anywhere in the world, these location-independent workers are also called digital nomads. Several people have left their full-time jobs to become digital nomads and live out their travel dreams… If it weren’t for various technologies, this wouldn’t be the lifestyle that it is today.

Office Software: Offering More Productivity in the Office

If you can believe it, there once was a time where almost all office processes were done by hand. That sounds preposterous today but that’s how it was back then. There is now software for human resource tasks, spreadsheets, and management software… There is even electronic signature software so that businesses no longer have to wait to obtain them in person. Because of this software, office work is no longer as time-consuming as it was in the past.

Communication Technologies: More Ways to Talk to People

There once was a time where the only way to communicate with others was by phone and “snail mail.” Now, local and long-distance communications are easier now more than ever before. Today, all industries are taking full advantage of emails, SMS messaging, and other chat software. Where it comes in handy is that employees no longer have to physically travel to conduct business or necessarily talk on the phone… it adds a convenience to being unable to meet or talk.

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