16 Quirky Gadget Gifts for the Holidays

gadget gifts

Bluetooth Headphones 2

Need some ideas about what to get your tech-obsessed friends and family members this holiday season?  Browse through our gallery to discover 16 quirky gadgets.

1. Echo Plus 

Echo Plus is a simple way to start your smart home. With the built-in ZigBee hub you can directly set up and control your smart home devices.  Price: $149.99



2. Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote

Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support the GoPro App, Smart Remote and more. Price: Boxee $39.99 Buy Fire TV Stick



3. GRID-IT Organizers

These organizers conveniently store and secure your most important devices. Browse their selection by gadget type. Price: $9.99-$49.99




4. Lytro Camera

This revolutionary camera captures the entire light field in a snapshot and lets you focus pictures after-the-fact, making it one of the most portable and easy-to-use camera on the market. However, cameras won’t be available until early 2012, so consider a holiday gift IOU. Price: $399




5. Bluetooth Headphones

Perfect workout headphones that are snug and secure so the headphones stay put while running, biking or at the gym. Price: $25.99

Bluetooth Headphones 2


6. Mophie Juice Pack Plus

Although Apple claims to have fixed its iOS 5 battery issues, your iPhone can always use the extra power. These cases provide additional battery life with style. Price: $99.95




7. Phosphor World Time Watch

This dual-time zone watch features a touchscreen display and a sporty design. Price: $79




8. Blacktop 360 Grill/Fryer

This versatile grill includes fryer, griddle and warming plate. BBQ everything all in one convenient place. Price: $249.99




9. Wipe T-shirt

Stop using the sleeve of your dusty sweatshirt to wipe your devices. This tee’s design incorporates a built-in microfiber cloth for scratchless device cleaning. Price: $89




10. Jawbone Up

Wear this wristband and the accompanying app will track your activity, sleep and nutritional health. Price: $99.99




11. MyEdge Customizable Covers

Customize your iPad, Kindle or Nook by uploading pictures and adding personalized text to your own unique cover. Price: $20-$35




12. Ex3D Glasses

Watch 3D programming in style with these hip 3D glasses. Also available in women’s styles. Price: $35




13. Cdock

For the trendy hipster in your family, the Cdock houses your iPhone in a retro stand, perfect for viewing video or simply displaying the time. Price: $55-$70




14. Bluelounge Nest

The Bluelounge Nest props your iPad. Or choose to rest the device on its non-slip surface for easy typing. No muss, no fuss. Price: $14.95




15. DeskPets Tank Bot

For the kids (or adult children) in the family, the DeskPets Tank Bot syncs with your iPhone for old-fashioned remote control action. Price: $19.99




16. KitchenAid Stand Mixer

One of the most popular kitchen appliances this season, the KitchenAid Stand Mixer offers 10 settings and multiple attachments. Make homemade pasta, juice smoothies and, of course, mix things. Price: $349.99