19 New WordPress Tutorials and Tips

In this post, we’ve rounded up some useful WordPress tutorials, article, and tips that will help you learn some new technique. Also check out our past WordPress tutorials collection.

20 Fresh WordPress Guide and Tutorials 


Make Your Website Load Faster Using W3 Total Cache Plugin

The free WordPress caching plugin W3 Total Cache is one of the most complete and popular caching plugins available.

The plugin’s popularity is largely due to its immensely powerful and complete options. As well as simply caching your blog, Total Cache will increase server performance, reduce download times and let you easily set up a content delivery network (CDN for short). Read article



Proper WordPress Filesystem Permissions And Ownerships

When people talk about WordPress security, file permissions and ownership are usually the last thing on their minds. Installing security plugins is a good practice and a must for every WordPress website. However, if your file-system permissions aren’t set up correctly, most of your security measures could be easily bypassed by intruders. Read article


Using WordPress RSS Feeds

RSS helped spread the growth of podcasting and blogging. It also allowed consumers to easily filter the content they consumed on news websites and other websites with high publishing schedules. Reading content through and RSS reader saves you a lot of time too.
In this article, I would like to speak more about RSS and show you how you can use it with your WordPress website. Read article 



How To Create a WordPress Custom Page Template

Creating a WordPress theme to accommodate your website design concept becomes so much easier when you know about things like Custom Page Templates. WordPress operates using posts and pages, but every page doesn’t have to be cookie-cut from the same format.  Read tutorial 

WordPress Custom Page Template 2


Creating a Shortcode for Responsive Video

If you’re anything like me, you use YouTube to host any video you add to your WordPress site. Read article



A Complete Guide To Installing WordPress

In this article, I would like to walk you through how you can install WordPress. I will show you a quick and easy way of installing WordPress through your hosting control panel, and show you how to do it manually yourself by creating the database and uploading the core files. Read article 



 Add and Remove Profile Fields to WordPress User Form

The WordPress user profile screen allows you to set values for social services but some default services are irrelevant, namely AIM and Yahoo! IM;  add to that the fact that Twitter and Facebook fields are missing.  Read article 



Creating Upcoming Events Plugin in WordPress: Creating the Widget

While WordPress only shows the title and the date column for the custom post type in post admin screen, we added our own custom columns to show event start date, end date and the event venue. Doing so, we completed the most part of our upcoming events plugin. Read tutorial 



Components of a Quality Real Estate Theme

In this article cover key points and features that make up the perfect real estate WordPress theme.



Create Your Own WordPress Login Page

In this tutorial we are going to look at how you will create a new login form for users to be redirected to a different area. View tutorial 



Using Selector-Query for Responsive, Column-Driven Layouts

We’ve used them extensively in our themes to make them responsive. They’re great for most purposes, but when it comes to column-driven layouts, we sometimes need more control to make our designs stand out.  Read article 


The Beginner’s Guide to Icon Fonts in WordPress

For our tutorial, we’ll put together a small set of social media font icons for our hypothetical project. We’ll need icons for Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, so let’s get started. Read tutorial 


How to Create Audio & Video Playlists in WordPress Without Plugins

WordPress recently made improvements in the audio and video area to include media players for each. This improvement means you can easily serve up audios and videos hosted on your own server through your WordPress site. Read Tutorial



How To Add Google Fonts To The WordPress Editor

In this tutorial teach you  add Google fonts to WordPress editor. Read tutorial



How To Display “Featured Content” In WordPress

You probably have stories in your blog you want to highlight to your readers. This is commonly referred to as “Featured Posts” or “Featured Content”. View tutorial 



Creating Custom WordPress Query

we will be discussing a few practical tips on applying WordPress Query that you might need to frequently use on your theme. Read article  



The .htaccess file is a configuration file that allows you to control files and folders in the current directory, and all sub-directories. The filename is a shortened name for hypertext access and is supported by most servers. Read article 



Adding Multiple Sections on WordPress Options Pages

the point is to share poor examples of how to do something, but to show a quick example of how to add multiple settings to a page. Since I – and many others – have covered separation of concerns, semantics, and sanitization elsewhere – there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Read article 



10 Quick Ways to Clean Up and Optimize Your WordPress Site

It should be noted that a number of these solutions go in for some deep cleaning – such as going into the database type cleaning. And so you REALLY REALLY should do a backup before getting into these solutions. You never know when something funky might happen. Read article



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