A guide to finding the perfect amplifying showerhead

Thanks to the invention of amplifying showerheads, showering is a therapeutic experience these days. Whether having a body ache or sore muscles, as soon as the water stream falls, it feels relaxing. Sometimes, along with the coffee, it is that short pre-work shower in the morning that gets people energised for the day. From budget-friendly to expensive ones, there are so many options available in the market. It can be a little bewildering to choose the right one or even the right type. That is why we have put together a simple guide to finding the perfect amplifying showerhead. 

What is an amplifying showerhead?

When someone brags about a good shower, it is almost never a shower with low water pressure. It is mostly a shower with high water pressure flowing from it. What an amplifying showerhead does is increase the water pressure. It is not just about that soothing shower. Even rinsing off the shampoo, conditioner and soap are made easier with high-pressure heads. When it comes to buying an amplifying shower head, there are many factors to take into consideration. To add to it, certain brands have exclusive technologies that improve showering.

amplifying showerhead
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Types of amplifying showerhead


These are showerheads that come with a flexible hose attached to them. One can use this type of showerhead by holding it with their hand. It allows targeting specific body parts as needed. For instance, after returning from the beach, the shower head can be used to wash off all the soil from the legs. When not in the mood to hold it, one can use it by placing it in the given clamp. 

Wall Mounted

As the name suggests, this type of showerhead is mounted on the wall. This means, unlike the handheld one, it remains in the same position. It is considered the best option when there are budget constraints. With spare parts easily available, it lasts for a long and is easy to maintain. Plus, it is simpler to install. 


This one is mounted on the ceiling instead of the wall. It is also referred to as an overhead shower as the water stream falls directly on the head first. It offers that standing in the rain feel. For installing this type of showerhead, the pipe should pass the bathroom ceiling. If not a wall mounted overhead showerhead is a great choice. It works like the ceiling one except it extends from the wall. 

Shower Panels

While water flows vertically from other showerheads, in this one, the water hits the body horizontally. It is comparatively more expensive to install. However, they are easy to maintain as they do not clog. It comes with various features like LED lighting. 

Low/ High Pressure

While most of the showerheads are amplifying ones, this type is specially designed to increase the pressure. It is best for anyone living in an area where the water pressure is low. 

amplifying showerhead
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Apart from the showerhead types mentioned above, there are obviously others too. For instance, there are the LED Showerheads. There is lighting when the shower is running. There are Dual Showerheads. Here, two showerheads – usually one handheld and one mounted – are installed. As there are so many types of showerheads, we might have missed one or two. 

The next important thing to think of is the spray setting. Modern showers usually have more than one kind of spray. This allows people to adjust the shower mode as they need. Some of the common spray types include mist, massage, rain and power spray. 

Best Amplifying Showerheads

Delta Faucet 2-Spray H2Okinetic Shower Head, Chrome 75152

amplifying showerhead
Image Courtesy: Delta

This showerhead uses a unique technology known as the H2Okinetic. It is designed in such a way that the water flows in a special wave pattern. It makes one feel like they are using water abundantly, However, one of the best things about this technology is that the shower actually uses less water. This particular showerhead uses 20 per cent less water. It is wall mounted. The spray can either be set to gentle or powerful. The showerhead is pivotable allowing people to adjust the way it is positioned. According to Delta, this showerhead can be installed in no more than 20 minutes. Best of all, the brand offers a lifetime warranty. 

Price: US$ 20.47 on Amazon

Oxygenics Handheld PowerBlast

amplifying showerhead
Image Courtesy: Oxygenics

Just like Delta Faucet’s H2Okinetic technology, Oxygenics has its own patented technology. It functions using the Venturi principle. When the water reaches the base of the showerhead, it passes through an accelerator that increases the water pressure. This handheld showerhead has a 72-inch hose. It has a switch on the back of the showerhead. When switched on, the shower spray is switched to the PressureWash setting. Best of all, this showerhead features 10 settings. These include waterfall, massage, flood, wide stream, smart pause, focus stream and more. 

Price: US$ 38.95

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