Best 15 Alternatives to Pinterest

Pinterest has become quite a leader in the photo sharing social media. With over 2.5 million users participating in the beta, Pinterest is a place to discover great stuff, to curate a collection of things you love, to get updates on your favorite brands and stores and to share your discoveries. This growing popularity has, of course, spawned numerous sites that utilize a variety of Pinterest elements. You’re much better off spreading your photo sharing social experience. here list of some other great alternatives and other cool visual inspiration similar sites to Pinterest.


We Heart It

We Heart It is a photo bookmarking and curating network which seems full of Bieber, One Direction, sequins and pretty girls wearing converse sneakers.  We Heart It lets you save these images, and helps you discover and share your inspiration with the world.



LoveIt is a visual platform with powerful and collaborative tools for individuals and groups to discover, collect, organize and share the things they love via public or private collections.




Beautiful, inspirational and creative images from Piccsy. Thousands of Piccs from all our streams, for you to browse, enjoy and share with a friend. allows users to save and share entire web pages. even saves the web page on their server. This means that even if a page is removed from the web, as long as it was saved to that archived copy is still available.





Gentlemint is a social bookmarking site, similar to Pinterest, that’s focused on user-curated content about the finer manly things in life.



Visualize Us

Visualize Us is a pretty simple network that lets you browse all kinds of images or curate your own together. If you find someone that often adds interesting content, you can easily add them to a ‘list’ to watch in future.





While Pinterest does allow users to share video, the focus is definitely on still images and text. If you want a Pinterest-like site that focuses more on video, then Chill is for you. Chill has almost identical functions to Pinterest, allowing users to save, categorize and share video from all over the web in one convenient location.



Image Spark

Image Spark is a user driven community site that enables you to collect and store imagery from any website in your very own library of inspiration.



The Fancy

To collect content together from around the web you can install a ‘fancy it’ button to your browser, just like the ‘pin it’ bookmarklet.



Jux is a site that focuses on creative individuals, providing a space to share high quality images that typically revolve around some sort of creative field.




Pinspire is a Virtual Pinboard where you can organise and share all the things that matter to you. Use your own pictures or those you find while browsing the web. People use Pinspire to plan their weddings, redecorate their homes or organise their favorite recipes, but there are many more ways. Discover it for yourself!




Clipboard allows users to clip, organize and share a variety of information, from images to maps to recipes and more.




Juxtapost allows you to save all of your favourite bits and pieces from across the web in one place, whether that’s a silly video or some shows you really want to buy.




MANteresting is dedicated to bringing you the most interesting and relevant images on the internet that highlight awesome man stuff.




I like the visual style of StyleSays, which has the same pinboards as Pinterest but the objects (with more of a home decor and personal style theme) are all sizes and shapes.

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