Our Top 9 Picks for the Best Software for Recording Audio

The pros and cons of different best audio recording software in 2021. Digital recording software records and edits live audio. It’s used for a wide variety of things such as voiceovers, online courses, audiobooks, YouTube, and the current most popular way, podcasts.

Whether you’re doing audio recording for a personal or professional reason, you’ll want good quality, but easy-to-use software.

Most audio recording software has different tools built in to help you polish your audio recording, but not every system has the same tools or performs the same way.

Here are our top 9 picks and what we think are the best audio recording software’s:

1. Steinberg Cubase Elements 10.5

This option is for the more advanced audio producers out there. This software allows you to mix, master, record, and edit your audio files and it includes a lot of advanced effects.

We think this is one of the best audio recording software’s out there since there is so much you can do with it. It needs more computer storage than other systems, but you get much better quality.

The new 10.5 version now allows you to export both your audio and video and allows you to share it with clients and people collaborating with you.

This is also a great option for podcasts! It is extremely powerful for editing and recording advanced audios, making it a great podcast recording software.


  • Great for advanced producers
  • Powerful system
  • Optimized workflow so you can arrange multiple tracks


  • You can’t download this software, it must be physically purchased
  • It takes time to learn the software
  • Needs a USB eLicneser


2. Ableton Live 11

Ableton live 10 is one of the best audio recording systems and it gives new consumers a longer trial time which is awesome. This software provides an appealing interface that helps you visualize, edit and organize all your audio tracks.

Abelton Live is ‘one of the top 10 professional audio production systems in the world’. Unlike Audacity, Abelton Live 10 has an extremely time-saving User-Interface (UI) which puts it on a completely different level.

This software isn’t free like Audacity, and has 3 different price options (each a one-time fee):

Download version:
Live Intro – $99
Standard – $449
Live Suite – $749

Box Version:
Live Intro – $99
Standard – $499
Live Suite – $799

The basic plan for this audio recording software has everything you’ll need for basic audio production, besides audio-slicing. So if that’s a necessity for you, this may not be the best option for you.


  • Great for beginners   
  • User-friendly UI
  • Different price options


  • Intro package doesn’t include audio-slicing
  • Intro package only includes 16 tracks
  • Too advanced for small-scale projects

3. Pro Tools

This is one of the most used audio recording systems in the audio production world. There are certain systems requirements you need to be aware of, as well as different download versions depending on which computer server you’re using.

If you have a powerful device, Pro Tools gives you the most advanced capabilities out of every other audio recording software. Experts recommend a minimum of 16GB ram, but we believe you’d be okay with less.

This software only costs approximately 33 dollars a month, and you can get a 10-day free trial.


  • Top-rated recording software
  • Wide variety of virtual tools
  • Great price value


  • Harder to learn if you’re a beginner
  • Requires a powerful server


4. Audacity

Audacity is a free audio recording software that is mostly used to record audio in a professional setting. It’s a high-performance, highly-advanced program that ensures audio recorded is shared on different platforms.

This is a great program to try out if you are a beginner, have an older computer, or need to do basic effects.

Audacity is a go-to tool for audio recorders – it’s fast, easy to use, and perfect for any producer who is working within a budget.


  • It’s free!
  • Simple and easy to use
  • It works with Windows, OS X, and Linux systems


  • Very basic options
  • Not as updated as other software’s
  • Noise reduction tool isn’t as good as others


5. GarageBand

This is for Mac or Apple device users only! Most Apple owners forget about this app or don’t even know what it is, but it’s built into your device and it’s FREE!

This software has a lot of recording, mixing, and editing features. This is one of the best free audio recording software’s if you need to record audio, edit it, and apply effects. This software allows you to hear yourself in real-time as you record.

If you run a podcast or were thinking about starting one, and you own an Apple device, you need to use this! Not only is it free, but it produces high-quality sound and it’s super quick and easy to use! GarageBand is easily the best podcast recording software.


  • Extremely used friendly
  • It’s free
  • High-quality sound
  • Easy to edit clips


  • Only available to Apple devices


6. Adobe Audition

Adobe is a very well-known brand when it comes to all things editing and Photoshop. This specific Adobe software is no different – it is one of the best audio recording software’s on the market and it’s amazing for more advanced producers.

If you are looking to take your content one step further, this is the software for you! We (along with many others) recommend this specific software if you are looking for high-quality, professional-grade audio recording.

This software includes:

  • Multitrack
  • Wave editing
  • Audio restoration
  • Ability to combine audio clips with music clips


  • Great for podcasting! This software is one of the best podcast recording software’s
  • The audio break can be easily repaired


  • Price – this is one of the more expensive options
  • High-tech interface – requires time to learn


7. MixPad

MixPad is an audio recording software that makes the entire recording and editing process extremely easy. This program’s interface has a sleek, easy-to-read design that is great for all levels of users.

This program works will cloud storage, which is a major plus for audio recording because it ensures that your hard work remains safe and secure.

Some major pluses about this specific software are as follows:

  • Ability to mix an unlimited number of tracks at one time
  • Depending on your specific requirements, you can process single or multiple tracks at one time
  • This program supports most sound formats so you can import anything with no issue


  • Audio effects can be added with no issues
  • No delay in audio


  • Only allows export of sound up to 32 bits
  • Sample rates up to 96kHz only are supported


8. Ocenaudio

Ocenaudio has a lot to offer in the world of audio recording software. The software’s interface is a bit high-tech, while still being extremely user-friendly once the initial set-up is done.

If you are someone who likes to capture screen recording, you’ll love this software!


  • The software includes auto trim and voice recording controls
  • Highly advanced sound spectral analysis built-in


  • Can’t be purchased as a CD
  • Can only be opened on one screen


9. Logic Pro

Logic Pro is a fully loaded audio recording and editing software. This is one of the best podcast recording software on the market! This software matches Apple’s GarageBand exactly and it’s just as easy to use.

This software has multiple advanced tools that you have to enable, but once done, it’s a great app for Podcasters! This app ranks in on the more affordable side at just a one-time purchase of $200.


  • Inexpensive
  • User-friendly
  • Advanced Tools


  • Can be overwhelming when you first use it

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In conclusion

These 9 options are the best possible choices for audio recording software. We always recommend trying different software out and then choosing which one is right for you. We’re all at different experience levels and there is no one right choice.

Play around with any of these options and you’ll have professional sounding audio recordings in no time!

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