Top 10 CDN Services for a Fast WordPress Website Experiences

CDN Service is helping for your websites deliver content fastly and ensure sites load quicker and downloads are faster and more reliable. The CDN is a network of servers, usually located at various sites around the world, which cache the static content of a site, such as image, CSS and JavaScript files.

If you run a small to a medium-sized site MaxCDN, CloudFlare and Rackspace are solid options for your needs. Services such as Amazon CloudFront are better suited to enterprise level sites and are overkill for sites with minimal traffic.

For small sites, Photon and jsDelivr, along with CloudFlare, are great options since each of these services are free.

Sites offering streaming media, such as video, audio and gaming, should check out CDN77 and it’s tailored service for this kind of media.

1. MaxCDN

Free Trial: If you use over 15TB a month you qualify for a free MaxCDN trial. This includes everything that comes with a MaxCDN enterprise account, including unlimited bandwidth, negotiable trial length, all features enabled, and one-on-one setup call.

Pricing: Basic Start Plan comes with 100BG bandwidth for two websites for $9 a month.

Top 10 CDN Services for a Fast WordPress Website

2. CloudFlare

Free Trial: CloudFlare offers a basic free plan that includes fast site performance, board security protection and powerful stats about your visitors.

Pricing: Plans start at $20 per month for your first website and $5 per month for each subsequent website.

3. Rackspace Cloud Files

Free Trial: No.

Pricing: Plans are pay-as-you-go and start at 10 cents for your first terabyte of storage and 12 cents for your first terabyte of CDN bandwidth.

4. CacheFly

Free Trial: 30-day free trial.

Pricing: Plans start at $99 a month for 256GB bandwidth transfer and 1000MB storage.

5. WPPronto

Free Trial: No.

Pricing: A Small plan starts at $30 a month and includes two WordPress site, 10GB SSD storage and 100GB bandwidth.

6. SoftLayer

Free Trial: No.

Pricing: Plans are pay-as-you-go at a set price of 12 cents per gigabyte of CDN bandwidth or 15 cents per gigabyte of CDN SSL bandwidth.

7. Amazon Web Services

Free Trial: The AWS Free Usage Tier includes 5GB of Amazon S3 storage, 20,000 get requests, 2000 put requests, and 15BG of data transfer out each month for up to 12 months.

Pricing: Amazon S3 storage starts at 3 cents per gigabyte for standard storage. Amazon CloudFront pricing starts at 12 cents per month for the first 10 terabytes, with separate pricing for regions outside the US.

8. CDN77

Free Trial: 14-day trial.

Pricing: Pay-as-you-go plans started at $49 per terabyte up to 30 terabytes for US and European customers. Prices are much more expensive for users in other regions.

9. Incapsula

Free Trial: A free plan includes bot protection, access control, login protect, CDN and Optimizer, website analytics, and community support.

Pricing: A basic Personal plan starts at $19 per month and includes the same features as the free plan, plus SSL support, advanced performance and email support.

10. Photon by Jetpack

Free Trial: Free product.

Pricing: Free product.

11. jsDelivr

Free Trial: Free service.

Pricing: Free service.

jsDelivr is a free CDN that allows any developer to host their files, including CSS, fonts, JavaScript, and jQuery plugins.

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