The Best Free Video Conferencing Software to Work from Home

Today, we have tons of free online meetings, and video conferencing software is one of the best choices for web meetings. Fortunately, there are several free video conferencing software you can use take advantage of. But which of them is truly free?

In this short guide, we’ll show you a few of the best free video conferencing applications you can use as your work from home tools. Then with the features that are most important to you, you can make a perfect choice.

First, what is video conferencing software?  

What is Video Conferencing Software?

Video conferencing software allows you to partake in live web meetings with anyone anywhere around the world. Your text, video, and voice are transmitted via the internet.

Nonetheless, most free video conferencing program available out there has gone way beyond basic conferences since developing several other features like playback, mobile access, and screen sharing.

With the evolution of video conferencing, it can be challenging to determine the best to pick for your business web meetings. That’s why we’ve carefully reviewed some of the best free online meeting software. The next part will show you the best four you can consider for your work from home software.

The 4 Best Free Video Conferencing Software 

One of the major reasons small businesses opt for free video conferencing software is that – aside from it being simpler to manage – it provides cheap phone calls. But that isn’t the case if you go for expensive web meeting software.

We understand that cost is always a major consideration for any business, especially small businesses. That is why we’ve compiled a list of the four best free video conferencing software out there.  Here is the software for your free online meeting:


As far as web meeting is concerned, Zoom is the number one choice. It is perhaps also the most popular option used as a work from home software.

With Zoom, multiple attendees are allowed to screen share simultaneously, making it very convenient to collaborate. However, there’s a 40-minute limit on group web meetings if you’re using the free plan. So, you should keep that in mind if you’re looking to have a longer meeting.

Aside from the 40-minute restriction, you’re only bothered by the runtime when hosting group web meeting webinars and calls. Zoom is best for short web meetings that require collaborative screen sharing.


  • Commonly used
  • 720p HD video (very clear video quality)
  • Multi-user screen sharing capabilities
  • Private chat while in a group web meeting.


  • The 40-minute limit for the free online meeting.

Google Hangouts Meet 

First, you must already have a G Suite subscription if you’re looking to use Google Hangout Meet.

However, that’s not exactly a major issue since the cheapest plan only runs for a month for $6. That’s way cheaper than any other paid video conferencing software you can find out there. You also get all the benefits of G Suite.

It provides unlimited free online meetings through audio conferencing. It is also optimized for Chrome and also available in most the widely-used web browser. The unlimited web meeting time it offers makes it one of the best free video conferencing software.

Aside from screen sharing and HD video, Google Hangouts Meet allows you to share files with participants in your web meeting. What’s more, documents are easier to share if you use Docs, Sheets, and Drives since they’re integrated into your Google Calendar and G Suite. G Suite users can take advantage of this free online meeting software.


  • HD video
  • Free for G Suite users
  • Screen sharing
  • Easy document sharing


  • You’ll have to get a G Suite plan before allowed to use Google Hangouts Meet.


UberConference is one of the best free video conferencing software you can get in the market today. VoIP-provider Dialpad builds it. You can easily join conferences with a participant PIN. It also supports HD video and audio web meetings.

One of the main reasons a lot of people for UberConference is that it’s a browser-based free online meeting software. You don’t have to download any program. However, there’s a mobile app for people who would like to use the software on their tablets or smartphones.

With this work from home software, you can host a web meeting of up to 10 participants using the free plan. Nonetheless, the maximum duration for web meetings and conferences, using the free plan, is 45 minutes. That’s a little over what Zoom offers.

This free video conferencing software is best for businesses looking to host web meetings of 10 or fewer participants.


  • Join conferences via your browser or mobile app
  • No need for downloads
  • HD video & audio
  • Conference playback and recording


  • PINs are needed unless you have the paid plan
  • 45-minute time limit for the free plan
  • 10-user limit for free web meetings or conferences.


Skype remains one of the largest web meeting solutions. It is a go-to solution for people looking for work from home software. The software houses over a million users across the world. Yet, the project over a million-users by the next five years. With the free version, you can host up to 25 participants for a web meeting.

While you can host up to 250 attendees on Skype, you’ll have to purchase Skype for Business. Another key factor that makes Skype a widely-used free online meeting platform is its real-time translation features.

The software voice translator allows ten languages (Spanish, English, German, French, Italian, Mandarin, Russian, Arabic, Portuguese), while its text translator allows more than 60 languages. That’s why a multilingual conference is made easy with Skype.


  • Supports up to 25 participants with the free version
  • Commonly used in the business cycle
  • 60+ languages supported text translator
  • 10 languages supported voice translation


  • 250-person web meetings are locked to those who subscribe to the Office 365 Business plan.

What is the Best Free Video Conferencing Software?

Even with a review of the best free video conferencing software, many people still want to know which particular software is the best free video conferencing software. There’s no all-around solution. Each free online meeting software has its pros and cons.

The features that are essential to your needs should determine your choice.

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