9 Best Free Drawing Software: Reviewing for the Creatives in 2022

Are you a creative in search for free drawing software? Then you have come to the right place. In this post, I’ll tell you about 9 best drawing software – which are free.

The drawing software is an extremely helpful tool for a hassle-free drawing experience mixed with fun and learning. Free drawing software solutions offer 3D designing, real illustrations of colors, touchscreen-friendly designing, mouse-friendly paintings, and so much more.

Whether you’re a newbie designer or a professional – we got covered free drawing software for everyone. This article is surely going to would help you choose the best free drawing software according to your requirement.

Let’s begin.

What is the best free drawing software?

Nowadays, it is considered that the free drawing software is much better than the paid subscriptions for the same.

When you look for the best free drawing software among all, Krita software proves itself to be your first priority in terms of its features as compared to others.

Which drawing software is used to draw?

There are tons of best free drawing software that is being used for drawing purposes like Krita, my paint, etc.

You may choose any of these to draw and illustrate with a mouse or figure tip without the mess of paints and paintbrushes.

List of Nine best drawing software:

1. Krita

Krita tops the list of the best free drawing software as it’s a donation-driven drawing software made by artists for inspiring and professional artists.

This software is highly recommended by professional digital painters. This community is highly engaged with a vivid artistic involvement.


  • It includes the profound brush engine for the elegant painting
  • This software includes the update of features from time to time with the open-source community


At some points it lacks the performance

It must include some more photo editing features

2. SketchBook

SketchBook is a free drawing software for Windows 10. It’s a kind of revolution that goes best with creative artists.

All the features it avail, are totally free and superb. Sketchbook offers a range of rough sketches for practicing.


  • This free art program is well versed with the mobile and laptop
  • The UI of this software is quite simple to use as well as its amazing


  • This software lacks advanced editing tools.
  • It’s a good as Free drawing software for beginners but for the pro artists, it’s quite an average software.
  • There are no additional filters available in this software.

3. Artweaver

Artweaver is for those who want to create painting magic all with their fingertips.

This free drawing software enables you to draw your imagination on a digital screen that looks so real and beautiful.

It includes a range of painting tools like chalk, charcoal, and other types of brushes to help create unique drawings.


  • Fine range of brushes and calligraphy pens make it a pro drawing software
  • It enables the layer and pattern in the image without extra efforts


  • It doesn’t support the picture adjustment
  • This drawing software is only enabled for Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 users

4. MyPaint

With the smooth functions of the UI, MyPaint very well solves the purpose of the Free drawing software for MAC.

It’s a simple software with all the essential drawing features included.

Novice painters can choose this drawing software for a fresh start out of scratch to become a painting pro.


  • It’s an open-source software and keeps on updating by the community members.
  • MyPaint is user-friendly. It has all the modern tools and features included to make the task easy.


  • The much-reported limitation of this MyPaint is that it does not support the desktop version while goes well with tablets and mobiles.
  • Another drawback of MyPaint software is its lack of providing animation tools.

5. Microsoft Paint 3D

Gone are the days of 2D, Microsoft Paint 3D software helps create your masterpiece with a real feel.

The stylus is upgraded. New features are also being added to this software that makes drawing more easy and unique.


  • 2D and 3D painting allows the painters widen their imaginations
  • Introduction of the new templates and features make the beginner level painters have an easy start
  • MS Paint 3D has an add on feature that allows the users to share their 3D images online


  • There is a lack of features like standard image correction in this drawing software
  • The mobile version  lacks the 3D image features


GIMP is one of the oldest paining software that devotes its free services for users from a long time. The new update in the painting and editing are exciting. The new formats of images are quite promising for digital painters.


  • GIMP is available for windows 10 . It’s customized with its editing tools
  • The image editing is easy to use. Also it can fulfill various other painting related purposes


  • For the Windows 10, the pen pressure feature needs to be adjusted
  • GIMP might appear to be look complex if you’re a beginner

7. Microsoft Fresh Paint

Being meant for the use of kids and naïve artists, MS Fresh Paint gets you the feeling of real time painting.

The colors and brush usage look very smooth and real.

Some amazing sidekicks like watercolors and washing the brush is super exciting that engages the kids very well with drawing.


  • It gives the realistic painting feeling including the mixing of colors and a proper canvas, yet on digital devices
  • Its features are great user friendly and goes well with smartphones and desktops


  • It’s too simple and basic for the pro artists

8. Clip Studio Paint

Clip Studio Paint is an all-round digital platform for the painting.

This free software includes different kind of features. Its features help the users by providing an amazing experience of painting.


  • It provides a high definition end comics-like design experience
  • This software includes a large range of vector brush and other tools


  • You might miss various photo-editing features while using Clip Studio Paint software

9. Fire Alpaca

Fire Alpaca is a high level artist recommended Free drawing software suitable for your MAC.

The use of this software is quite amazing. Editing tools, brushes, and other important features are well included.


  • The brush tool of Fire Alpaca software is very nice to use.
  • Fire Alpaca includes all the painting and animation tools
  • It has a wide scope of creativity for comic and cartoon artists.


  • The editing part of this drawing solution is not that well to do.
  • It needs to add more upgraded features for a higher level of editing.

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Final Thoughts

The above-mentioned subscription cost free drawing software solutions are helpful for the children to learn about the digital world of painting.

They are good to go for those artists and creative people who seek budget-friendly solutions having standard features.

To invest your time in this free drawing software is indeed a better choice than having paid versions of the same.

So, get creative!

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