20 Best Native Ad Networks 2017

Native Ads Platforms

Content recommendation ad is the best choice for advertisers and publishers. Native ads will play a big role in future advertising solution. In 2016 finally, Google Adsense provides native ads option for selected website which has quality content and decent page views. There are lots of native ad networks available online that you can use to monetize your website.

Here are twenty content recommendation and native ad networks that will help you increase ad revenue for your website. If you have not utilizing any native ads placements on your blog yet, you should add native ad bottom of your content to maximize your ad revenue. Let’s take a look at below to see top 20 native ad networks list in 2017.

Top 20 Native Ad Networks 2017

1. RevContent

RevContent is a fast growing and popular native ads platform for medium and large publishers. When earning is reached $50, you will be get paid via Paypal. Ads are fast loading and responsive unit easily choose for mobile, tablets and desktop users. If you run a viral content site, you will earn much money using RevContent native ad platform.

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2. AdSense Native Ads

Google AdSense Native Ads offers three different type native ads format such as InFeed native ads, InArticle native advertising, and Match content ads unit. In-feed and In-article native ads are approved for all publishers whereas Matched content is an eligible selective website which is based on traffic and number articles on your website.

Matched Content is a native ads solution from Google Adsense. The best thing about Google native ads is very relevant ads display on site which is the most important aspects when is looking native content advertisements for your site. If you are already using Adsense Display and Text ads and your site approved for matched content unit, you should show native ads on your blog. You will earn extra money and also increase your website page views.

Matched content ad unit is suitable for niche website, for example, If you are running construction blog, architecture site, latest technology and food blog, Your each website will show related ads with your content. Another advantage compared to other native platforms, your site never shows click-bait post or ads with bad images. It is great for educational blogs. Google native ads give the highest CPC whether you are a small or large publisher. Show ads in your Matched content unit.

3. Adblade

Adblade is brand safe rated content-style ad platform. Adblade works well when your website generates a large amount of USA traffic. It gives highest cost-per-click for publishers.

I’m using Adblade since 2015, It’s good native ad network.

Publisher earnings pay via check, ACH direct deposit and international wire transfer. You need to earn at least $100 for payment via check and ACH direct deposit. If you are selecting an international bank wire, you have to earn at least $250 for a payment to be processed.


4. Outbrain

Outbrain is the oldest content recommendation platform. It is one of the top native ad networks when it comes to quality of advertising. Outbrain only approve higher traffic website more than one million page views per month.

5. Taboola

Taboola is another best native advertising option for publishers. It gives good CPC for example 3 cent for Asian traffic and 10 cents for US traffic. The minimum requirement for apply this network you must have 500,000 page views per month.

6. Earnify

Earnify is the highest revenue rates native ad solution. It gives $16 average CPM and $0.30
average CPC for US desktop traffic. Earnify pays all publishers earnings via Payoneer.

7. Mediavenus

Mediavenus is a new native ad network but it pays higher CPC rate like other popular native ads platform Outbrain, Taboola and Revcontent.

The best thing about Mediavenus is easily getting approval for your site when you meet their terms. Many payout options are available so you are earning $15, you can withdraw your money.

8. is another best choice and Outbrain, Taboola and RevContent alternatives for small publishers. It is also best platform for the small website your site may get approval if you have less than 50000 page views.

9. Adnow

AdNow is a new native ad network which launched in 2014. Publishers start out with $20 payouts, received weekly via Paypal or Wire. It claims to provide safe and high-quality ads, so, you can also give this ad network a try.

10. Mgid

Mgid is another old school player. It is used by a large number of publishers and advertisers. In my opinion, If your site content is related celebrity pop culture, it is best otherwise, your visitor may get a bad experience. It also gives good CPC.

11. Gravity

Gravity is the best platform, but it approves premium site more than 1 million page views. This content recommendation engine backed by the AOL network. It has some of the biggest publishers like, Huffington post etc.

12. Nativo

Nativo is another best native advertising ecosystem player. It claims they are the leader in true native advertising: brand content served within publisher editorial streams, matched to the look and feel of each publication, fully integrated and consumed on the publisher site, across screens to deliver.


14. TripleLift

15. Disqus Native Ad

16. Sharethrough

17. Ayboll

18. Spoutable

19. Zemanta/Sovrn

20. Gemini Yahoo

21. Adsnative


23. Amazon Native Ads

Amazon Native Ads is not CPC ads. You can put Amazon affiliate product native ads code on your blog when people purchase products you will get a commission. If you are not familiar with affiliate marketing, it may be difficult for you.