Easy Affiliate Links Plugin to Hide Affiliate Link Makes Better SEO Site

If you are an affiliate marketer, your blog has filled with a lot of affiliates links. Are you looking how to optimize your affiliate links that are SEO friendly without broke your affiliate codes? This Easy Affiliate Links WordPress plugin allows you manage all the affiliate links on your website and helps easily monetize a blog with affiliate programs.

In the past, many bloggers use GoCodes WordPress Plugin, but Now Gocodes plugin was removed from WordPress plugin directory. Today, you need to find better alternative GoCodes WordPress Plugin to manage your existing and new affiliate links for the wordpress blog. I recommended you should try free affiliate link manager plugin Easy Affiliate Links which is the best free alternative to Gocodes.

Easy Affiliate Links has more options compared to studioPress’s short URL plugin simple URLs. How to cloak your affiliate links with Easy Affiliate Links Plugin Take a look at this tutorial.


Easy Affiliate Links Plugin to Cloak Affiliate Link on Your WordPress Website

Easy Affiliate Links is a free WordPress plugin which turns ugly affiliate links into the pretty look. It’s come some super features like category option. You can categorise affiliate links that make link management lots of easy. Redirect type to use for the shortlink option such as 301 Permanent, 302 Temporary and 307 Temporary.

Plugin Features:

  • Create shortlinks to cloak your affiliate links
  • Easily access your links in the visual and html editor
  • Assign categories to your links
  • Tracking of monthly and lifetime clicks


Step – 01

After the install plugin. Go to Affiliate Links>Settings

Easy Affiliate Links WP Plugin Settings 1

Step – 02

Click on Affiliate links> Add new. Make your ugly affiliate link look pretty.

Add New Affiliate Link 2

Step- 03

When you are writing a new post, click on Affiliate link button in the New post section:

Add New Post 2

This will bring up this pop-up where you can insert already created affiliate links, or you can create a new cloaked affiliate link.

Add New Post 3

This free affiliate WordPress plugin looks much better than the other affiliate link cloaking plugin.

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