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Easy Way to Design Your WordPress Website

Designing your own WordPress site might feel like a daunting task if you don’t know where to start. Fortunately, simple wordpress web design choices do exist.

If we are not a web designer, of course, it will be difficult for us to determine which website design is good and pleasing to the eye. Even though we see it already good, but a web designer has his own eyesight. There are many ways that can be used if we want to make attractive website designs even though we are not a web designer.

1. Select a Premium Template

There are so many free templates that are worth using out there, but to really make a website design that looks professional, like it or not, like it or not, we have to use premium templates. Premium templates are usually supported by developers, so when we are confused when using a template, we can ask questions and there will usually be a response. In addition, premium templates usually use neat HTML CSS. So as to minimize the occurrence of errors. Nowadays many website designs are responsive, so it’s highly recommended to choose responsive template designs. So that when visitors are opening our website pages using any gadget, the design will still look neat and beautiful.

2. Choose Matching Color Blends

Choosing matching color is one of the important things to determine the right and harmonious color blend. With this color, it can be used as the identity of our website. For instance, Facebook is blue, YouTube is red, Starbucks is green, and others. Besides being able to choose colors according to their favorite colors, we can start by looking at other websites as our website’s color inspiration.

3. Use a Professional Logo Design

Logos, in addition to being an identity for our website, a logo can also be a tool to distinguish 1 website from another website. If you are good enough in making a logo, it never hurts to make your own logo for your website. But, if you can’t make it, we can’t help but ask for it to be made to someone who is more skilled or maybe you can buy it on a website that sells logos.

4. Also, design your social media

Maybe this is one of the things that is rarely considered, it is also important to design your social media. So people can see us consistent in the existing design. For example, we can change our social media profile photo into a Website Logo and Cover Photo can be made on your own based on a website that is owned.

5. Use the Favicon

There are several reasons why a favicon is also important for making a website look professional. Here are a few reasons:

  • Become a brand for your website. Like the logo used as a favicon.
  •  Give a complete design appearance.
  •  Showing that we pay attention to small things,
  •  Easy to identify websites in the favorites list.

When on WordPress, there is no shortage of premium quality themes that are suitable for various niches. From businesses to web portfolios, almost anyone can find premium web themes that are designed with certain industries. You can also find themes for various purposes that can be used regardless of the focus of your site. Finally, there is also a simple WordPress theme that is the right choice for anyone who feels burdened and wants a site design that is fast and easy to setup. Simple WordPress site themes come with several benefits that make them an attractive choice:

– Faster Loading – Because of the minimal design, a simple website theme will have a positive impact on your site’s loading time.

– Quick Setup – Simple website design themes far from boring or difficult to personalize. Setup and adjustment options are usually just a click away and don’t require coding.

– For Better SEO Purpose- Another benefit of simple website templates is that they will improve your search engine ranking because your site will load faster.

– Focus more on your content – As mentioned before, minimalist site design will place your content in front and center, which is perfect if you want your call to action to stand out.

If you have decided to choose a WordPress theme that is easy to use, here are some important features that you need to look for:

1. Minimalist Design

 The theme of a simple WP site is not only easy to set up, but the design is minimalist and simple with bold and eye-catching typography. Whitespace stands out on all pages and its contents have plenty of room to stand out and attract the attention of site visitors.

2. One-Click Demo Import

 If you want a guarantee that your theme will be easy to use, look for one that has a one-click demo import feature. This allows you to install themes and then import demo content and layout with a click of the mouse. Instead of spending hours trying to figure out how to re-create the layout you have seen in the demo version, all you have to do is edit the page with your own content and adjust the colors and fonts.

3. Simple Customization Options

 Speaking of customization options, a simple website theme design will have settings grouped in one location and you can change colors, fonts, and everything using sliders or dropdown menus, without having to write any custom CSS.

Finally, don’t forget to set your footer. You can link your social media profile by opening the Footer options and entering the link for the desired profile in the Footer Link box and the name of the social media site in the Footer Text Link box. Using a simple WordPress template to make your website design is a great way to get your site up and running quickly without feeling burdened with all the design choices and spending too much time adjusting them.

The Smart WordPress theme is just one example of a simple WordPress theme with a choice of premium designs, with more available on our website. Explore our collection of simple WordPress themes to find the ones that interest you and use them to get your site up and running as quickly as possible.