Convert HTML to WordPress Quickly SAVE Money

If you don’t know how to convert their HTML site into a WordPress site. This online HTML to WordPress app lets you convert HTML site to WordPress theme quickly and easily. You can integrate HTML template into a WordPress theme in 15 seconds. Uploading your HTML templates and download your new WordPress theme seamlessly. Key Features of this app

  • Fully automated conversion with NO coding skills required
  • Free live preview of your theme after the conversion
  • Works on any HTML based website
  • Create a WordPress theme with any HTML framework or editor
  • Content and images are automatically editable via Simple Live Editor
  • JavaScript, CSS and images are referenced correctly
  • Optionally use advanced WordPress features by adding classes to your HTML
  • Implement an unimaginable amount of features with WordPress plugins

Pulling directly from the FAQ section, here are some concerns posed by developers:

  • What’s the max folder size? – 100mb
  • Can I edit my content – Yes, through the WordPress dashboard.
  • Do I retain access to me files? – Yes, the developers don’t do anything with them.

HTML to WordPress app

The HTML to WordPress app doesn’t have a pricing page on the website. The only module that reveals pricing is the shopping cart when you try to download the theme. It’s clear that the service is not free, but the payment page specifies that the price for converting one page is $4.90. That’s confusing as heck since in my mind I would assume a 10-page website would cost $4.90 x 10. However, it turns out the $4.90 is for the complete conversion regardless of how large the website is.

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Will the content be editable? Your website will be converted in a way that allows your content and images to be completely editable through the WordPress admin. Once you convert a website with us, it will be shipped with a plugin called Simple Live Editor. Test it for free now.

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