How you can improve your recruiting process using Freshteam over BambooHR

How you can improve your recruiting process using Freshteam over BambooHR

There is a lot which goes with recruiting and onboarding. It’s not about hiring a few candidates and leaving them to settle and be productive on their own mercy. Most of the organizations have to shell out a big budget for the entire recruitment process and why every single effort is vital. Employees are the backbone of the organization, they should be happy, content and productive then only they would be able to contribute to the success of any company.

Similarly, hiring is important and choosing the right candidate amidst thousands is not easy. There are various teams who need talent but how to manage all these recruitment in a much easier way? The answer is as simple as logging into any website.

There are various tools available on the market which are making recruitment easy. The applicant tracking system software which is indeed a blockbuster in managing recruitment making its way in most of the organizations. But what makes the software working or compatible.

Considering various options that are available now, you need to know some facts which might be useful for you to decide. Bamboohr or Bamboohr alternative might confuse you initially but as you look deep into the various aspects, it gives more clarity.

Explaining BambooHR and FreshTeam

Bamboohr, another HR platform for recruiting, hiring and onboarding with easy onboarding tools offer numerous features. Like any other Applicant tracking system software, it also has E-signature, time-off tracking, performance management, and reporting. It offers a convenient mobile app to help HR in a more efficient way. But if you compare Freshteam features with it then you’d be surprised to see the facts and figures.

Freshteam is an intuitive, easy-to-use, affordable free Applicant Tracking System and Recruitment Software that helps recruiters’ source, interview and hire great talent. With Freshteam, recruiters can set up job’s pages, share job postings, solicit employee referrals, collaborate with the hiring team to shortlist candidates, schedule interviews, gather feedback and make offers. Freshteam is part of Freshworks, whose products include Freshdesk, Freshserviceetcwith 150000+ businesses worldwide.

Why Freshteam?

BambooHR is a little different in terms of features and adaptability. It is an ATS, an HRIS, payroll software but if you are looking for a smart, dedicated, detail-rich Applicant Tracking Software’ as an alternative to BambooHR, Freshteamcan surely comes up to your expectations. Freshteam is not just an ATS on the surface, but it’s built with the single mission to keep every part of applicant tracking easy and efficient. It keeps you in intact in your entire recruitment cycle or at any in point in time during the process.

recruiting process using Freshteam

You don’t need training:

The best feature of FreshteamATS is that it’s as smooth and easy to use. Neat UI (user interface) leads you through the entire process easily. Within a limited time, you’ll be able to create job postings, set hiring teams, and hiring workflows. Recruitment team can start to collaborate right away – review applicants, rate candidates and leave comments. So, it’s like hiring an assistant who is fully trained and easy to manage. Just

Freshteam gives you multiple options to explore:

Getting the right talent at the right time is not easy. One really need to plan a lot before they hunt for the crème of talent. Posting jobs only on the company’s website won’t help much as most of the networking happens on career websites. Freshteam can help you publish all the jobs to the career sites and social recruiting channels.

There are high chances that applicants apply through those websites. The moment candidates apply, Freshteam software parses their resumes and create data for review. Best-fit candidates can be further called for interviews or other hiring processes.

Consistency in engagement:

If the recruitment team is not able to manage a smooth and consistent engagement with the candidates, then they might change their mind and there are chances that they might lose the crème of talent. It’s critical to engage them through canned responses, notifications, emails so that everyone can see progress after they got selected for other rounds of interview.

Freshteam software has these conversation tabs built in to keep a hold on all the communication made to applicants. Also, this would bring clarity to all other members about the last discussion and where to pick up next. 

Freshteam has an edge over Bamboohr with so many extra features it has. Knowing the market potential and the challenges one can get HR software should be compatible as requirements keep changing with the time. Features like Resume parsing, making offers, Scorecard management, candidate 360profile, customization hiring process, sourcing through a Facebook page, inbuilt job description templates make it more advance to troubleshoot all the possible challenges one can get.

Freshteam is not focused on recruitment but there are additional features which come with it so that the results can be made better with value addition.

Author Bio: Jayakumar Muthusamy is a Digital marketer at Freshworks Inc. He generally writes about software that improve your marketing, sales or hiring process.