9 Best Internal Linking Plugin WordPress to Increase Traffic

Internal link building is a crucial task that you should do on your website to get more free traffic from a search engine like Google. But, if you have a hundred posts on your blog, interlinking each page is a time-consuming process. Installing WordPress internal linking plugin could save your time.

Internal linking has several advantages and the most important aspects of SEO strategy.  You get organic traffic and you link back to relevant articles, post tags and categories chances of increased click and boost to website traffic rank. This will help to decrease your blog bounce rate and increase your blog page views. Search engines understand the value of an internal link, this will help them to index more pages effectively and eliminate the scope of any dead spot. In this post, I have here the best 5 WordPress plugins that will help you on interlinking on your blog posts.

Like other plugins for WordPress, you can find many free internal link plugin on the WordPress directory. So, which is the best internal linking plugin for WordPress? This post will showcase the best WordPress internal linking plugin to add relevant articles to your current write-up. 

Are internal links good for SEO?

Yes, internal links help search crawl navigate relevant content quickly, and it also enables you to pass rank between two or more pages. When users click linked content, they will stay a long time on your site so you can decrease your bounce rate. Internal links are good for SEO and they directly or indirectly have an impact on your site.

List of best internal linking plugin WordPress 

  1. WordPress default interlink
  2. Link Whisper
  3. Interlinks Manager
  4. Internal Links Manager
  5. Rank Math
  6. Yoast SEO
  7. Internal Link Juicer
  8. Inline Related Posts
  9. Internal Links Generator

WordPress default interlink

If you are not interested in adding one more plugin to your blog, you can use WordPress default search and interlink. Installing too many plugins affect your page loading speed. WordPress default interlink is suitable for new blogs or niche site which has less than two hundred posts.

Select the keyword you want to link

Click Link 

Search your keyword and add the right post. 

Link Whisper

This plugin is available for free and they also provide a paid version with more features. Are you looking for an automatic internal linking plugin? Link Whisper is the best one to install on your blog.

Interlinks Manager

Interlinks Manager is a premium plugin that will suggest relevant posts to interlink articles. Not only it has auto interlink, but you can also analyse and calculate internal link juice. Moreover, web admins can track and export CSV data.

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