15 Best Free Resources to Learn How to Use WordPress

Whether you are a WordPress beginner or advanced user, you have to find WordPress tutorials and tips to learn WordPress because it constantly updates. Last month, WordPress released WordPress 5.5 Eckstine, which was mainly covered three major areas such as speed, search, and security. Hence, you must update yourself with the latest technology.

To learn WordPress, you don’t need to spend any money. There are enough free WordPress tutorials available, so all you need to find the right free resources. When it comes to free online resources, it can be challenging which one you need to read as a beginner. However, a paid platform like iThemes Training and WP101 had a series of video courses.

In this post, we’ve collected the best free websites to learn WordPress. These free online resources will help you learn how to use or improve your skills. Websites from this list are publishing tutorials, tips and tricks that will help you master in WordPress. Let’s have a look at the best places to learn how to use WordPress.   

The Best Online Resources to Learn WordPress

1. WordPress.org 

WordPress Codex provides online manual and documentation for its users and developers. You will get every information which needs to know to start WordPress. Whenever you want to get an answer to specific WordPress related issues, you can perform a search or ask a question on the support section. 

WordPress.org has comprehensive WordPress lessons that can be valuable for beginners. There are some subsection shares detailed information on how to use themes, plugins and API, so go around and find what you need. 

Some beneficial links are:

You can also get support from the developer through WordPress.org for WordPress theme or plugins which one installed on your site.

2. WPBeginner 

As the name suggests, WPbeginner is the best WordPress resource website for the novice. On this site, you can get fundamental tips to pro-level advice to run a blog on WordPress CMS. When you get any error message related to your site, you might see solution article on here. They covered almost every popular plugin’s tutorial on how to use it. 

WPBeginner also provides some free plugins including contact form, insert headers & footers, and more. It covers a wide range of tips, tutorials, guides, news, and even free video courses.

3. Yoast

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential to success in online presents. Yoast SEO is the most installed SEO plugin. No matter whether you use its SEO plugin or not, Yoast shares plenty of WordPress SEO tips which helpful for all users. 

If you don’t have experience in WordPress SEO, this is the first place you should check out. You can learn on-page and technical SEOs. It includes guide from how to write perfect search optimized content to off-page SEO tricks. 

Some of the useful guides from Yoast:

So, this is the best place to read how to optimize WordPress website for SEO. 

4. YouTube/WordPress Tutorials

YouTube is one of the best places that you can not ignore for getting the latest trends on WordPress. There are multiple WordPress experts & online marketers share tons of valuable tips, tutorials and guide for free. Videos are the best visual form to reach customers that why many WP specialists start a Youtube channel.

Nowadays, you can find tricks and news through YouTube. Perform a search with your query, and then you might find step by step tutorial. In addition to that, the popular blogs also have a channel so check out on their site.  

There are hundreds of bloggers who talk how to use WordPress, and here are few.

You can find a video to learn from easy how to install a plugin to get more traffic for your WordPress site.

5. Smashing Magazine 

Smashing Magazine offers WordPress articles for both users and WordPress developers. Are you a developer and want to develop plugins or themes? Smashing Magazine is the right platform because they share advanced tutorials which are written by WordPress experts with sample guide content codes if necessary. 

6. WordPress TV  

WordPress TV also is operated by the Automattic team, who is the creator of WordPress. It shares video contents from live events, WordPress camp, interviews with developers and experts. If you want to see what is going on WordPress, you should check out WordPress TV.

It also provides plenty of how-to tutorials for beginner and experts. Check out of the useful content from here.

7. Tutsplus/WordPress

Tutsplus provides tutorials and other WP resources for WordPress developers as well as bloggers. There are a huge number of in-depth articles and video tutorials available for free. They also offer paid WordPress tutorials which have more advanced materials. If you have Envato elements subscription, you can access its tutorial with one cost.


WPMU DEV is another great site for reading WordPress guide. On this site, you can read advanced and straightforward WordPress tips and latest trend. It also offers free plugins like Smush, Hummingbird, free contact form builder, and more.

Useful links.

9. WordPress Lessons 

Creating a site via WordPress.com is the easiest way to manage your company blog or website without hassle. If you want to build your site with WordPress.com, you should read this WordPress lessons section. It features step by step guide to building a successful blog using WordPress.com. 

From this guide site, you can study how to get started to select a domain to publish for your first blog post.

10. Kinsta Blog

Kinsta is one of the best managed WordPress hosting providers. When you visit their blog section, you can get lots of reading materials that can be helpful for improving your site as well. 

11. Joy of WP

JoyofWP teaches WordPress to you through a series of free videos training course. The tutorials from this site not only useful for beginners but also great for superior users. When you sign up a free account, you can access How To WordPress free training course. So, this bunch of video tutorials will solve your problem and help you learn new tricks.

The Best Answers Websites for learning WordPress

12. Stack Exchange/WordPress Development 

Are you want to become a WordPress developer? Or Any question if you’re going to ask from other developers while working on your projects. Stack Exchange is the best answer platform for WordPress developers. When you visit this site regularly, you can learn lots of tips for technical issues because of experts suggest a various solution on this platform.

13. Quora

Learning WordPress through other users question and answers is one of the easiest ways to develop your knowledge. Quora is the best platform to get answers from its users who are experts in WordPress. This platform already has a vast number of solution for many WP related issues. When you face a new issue, you can get an answer by performing a search query or asking a question. And then, someone will put solutions.

14. Reddit

Reddit is another right place where you can get a quick response to your issue. There is few subreddit for posting WordPress related question or sharing your advice.

Useful subreddit to check out:

15. Stackoverflow

Stackoverflow is another very good platform WordPress Developers. Like Stack Exchange, it offers a similar place where you get experts advice and also sample coding for your issues.

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