Learning English Online – Free Websites and Online Tools

Are you having difficulty learning English online? How can I learn English fast? You may have many questions like these. What is the solution for you?

There are many ways you can learn English as quickly as you want. If you are a beginner or you want to improve your skills in English, you can find several free online English learning resources and mobile apps.

There are many online tools available that will help improve your vocabulary, grammar, punctuation, speaking, reading, and writing skills.

If you want to become a fluency, you need to work hard and dedicate yourself to the learning progress. What is your current level?

It is really important before starting you should identify your current English level.

For English Beginners.

One of the easiest ways is using learn English apps on your mobile device or tablets.
English learning mobile applications make your progress much more comfortable, so you need to install right apps on your phone.

First, you should install dictionary apps on iPhone, Android and web browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox).

You need to learn some basic tenses and grammars. You probably know simple (present, past, future) tenses. Mobile apps are great resources to learn basic vocabulary and grammars.

How beginners improve English fast?

Top 10 Methods You Should Follow to Improve English Language Skills

  1. Using English Learning Apps on your mobile phone
  2. Turn everything into English environment
  3. Practice on English Learning Websites
  4. Use online tools
  5. YouTube English Learning Videos
  6. English practice workbook
  7. Find a personal English teacher or advanced English masters
  8. Listen to English podcast with transcription
  9. Participate in discussion forums
  10. Find Speaking partner on the internet

English learning apps

Here is a collection of best English learning apps for beginners.


Hello English: Learn English





Learn English Daily


English Speaking Practice

Daily Tips to Improve the English Language

Change the language on your smartphone and computer

Are your still using your mother tongue on electric devices? You need to do firstly change it to the English language whatever devices you have like iPhone, iPad, Android phone, desktop computer, laptops and game PlayStation.

Moreover, you also should also on social media and social networks websites like Facebook, Twitter, VK, Yandex, Whatsapp, Viber so on.

Think in English

You want to think every object you see and every situation you passed. For example, think what is the name in English for this or how to ask time how to say this dialogue in English.

Read and Watch the News in English

If you are reading the news in your language, now you start to read English newspaper and watch English channel news broadcast.

You don’t find any English newspaper. Just go to the internet, there is lots of international news publication like BBCThe GuardianThe Telegraph and CNN will fulfil your needs.

Some tv channels live telecast are available on YouTube. For instance,  Sky News Live,  Al Jazeera English or search your country English News TV channels.

Listen to English Songs and learn lyrics

Listening English songs is crucial to improving your language skills. You can find many online FM radios and mobile apps. My favourite radio stations are Capital Fm and Classic FM.

How to use These UK radio stations, If you are live outside of the UK.


Go to Capital FMClassic FM websites or any other, then Click Listen button, Wait for few seconds new browser tab to open

Put London postal code ” WC2N 5DU ”


If this postcode is not working, just got to UK postal code website, and then type any UK popular cities like London, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow or Liverpool.


Android and iPhone apps are available. You need to go Google play store or Appstore to download music apps for your Smartphone or tablets.


You can install chrome extension Radioplayer UK on your internet browser.

Read children’s books and watch children’s cartoons

Write in notebook every day in English

Listen and Watch talk show in English

Use a mirror


Use Online Tools for Learning English Online

Play English Learning games quizzes

Spelling and Grammar Check Tools

Using online tools is helpful to check your grammar mistakes and speaking practice. Hence, you can improve your skills and also get rid of from error in your writings.

Text to speak tools

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