The Best Online Video Cutter Tools – Trim Unwanted Segment

The Best Online Video Cutter Tools

Online Video Cutter is the easiest options to trim unnecessary part on your video. For any reasons, you want to shorten your video clips, and then you can use simple video cutter online tools because it saves lots of your time. Are you shooting scenes with your phone or camera wherever you go? And so, you might want to edit your clips to look professional.

When it comes to video editing, there are hundreds of free and paid video editors available. Video editing software is much complicated compared to online cutter tools. If you need to cut some scene from a movie, you can use either video editing software or easy video cutter online tools.

But, online video trimmer is the perfect one for the faster video cut. You can use these tools with free cost, so you don’t need to pay anything. Online video maker tools can help you cut video and share your video on social media as you want. Let’s have a look at best free online video cutter tools for daily use. 


Clideo is a free online video cut tool which allows trimming footage without signup an account. Do you want to delete a specific view before sharing on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube? Clideo helps cut from seconds to seconds, and you can save your outputs with the various video format. 

Clideo online video cutter


This is a simple tool to cut out a section of your video. Using this tool, you are able to crop, rotate and trim a video clip. You can decide the quality and format of the output video after uploading your file. Go to site, and no sign up needed to to remove unwanted parts of a video.


Ezgif is another free video cutting tool that allows you to cut a clip from the start, end or middle of the video. You can upload a file from your computer or directly from YouTube URL to edit video footage. It supports several file formats such as MP4, MOV, WebM, AVI, and FLV so you can trim any of video with these formats.


Lumen5 is another free online video trimmer to cut a video segment. But, you have to sign up an account to edit files through this website. You don’t need to install or download software to make changes in your movies. Just edit clips its web tool with any of your devices.


If you are looking to reduce video length, Kapwing provides a free tool to cut a segment with your desired size. It also allows users editing files without sign up, and you can adjust video length using the slider, so you don’t need any skill to make changes on your videos. 


Video2Edit is one of easy and free video trimming tools. Like other online video cutter tools from this list, you can upload various video file types from Google drive, Dropbox or your PC.


Nothr best online video shortener Biteable helps to adjust your video footage length or remove a certain part of the video. Similar to Lumen5, you must start an account to edit a file through this site.

Online Converter also lets you cut some part of the video from your movie. You can trim video without open an account so you can quickly remove unwanted part from your video footage.