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The Six Best Shopping Extensions To Add To Your Browser

The Six Best Shopping Extensions To Add To Your Browser

Offers are something that never fails to attract customers. When we see a sale or offer, we usually buy it with the thought that we are saving money by buying the product while there is a discount. Almost everyone is happy to get a good deal. Who would not prefer to get something for a lower price without having to sacrifice quality? Adding these shopping extensions to a browser will make shopping more economical and easier than before.

Also, say you find something that you want to buy online but are low on cash. Some of these shopping extensions will help you save them so that you can buy them later. You can save products from different stores. This way you do not have to go through the hassle of checking your saved items on different sites. Below are the six best extensions that people who love to shop will benefit from.

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Karma (Formerly Shoptagr)

Image Courtesy: Screenshot of Karma in use

With the Karma extension, you can save products and get notified when there is a price reduction. When you open an online shopping website, the extension pops up on the sidebar. Stumble upon something you love, just click on the Karma icon. It will open a small window that will let you save the product and lets you choose when you want to be notified. It is best to choose “any price change.” On Karma you can create new lists thus being able to categorise your saved items.

When you open your account on Karma, it will show all the offers, cashback and coupon codes available. You can go to notifications to check on the products you saved. It will show if a product is on sale or when something is sold out. One disadvantage with Karma is that some coupons do not have enough details. There is no clarification of how much you need to spend or what you need to buy to get the coupon. 

Download here.


Image Courtesy: Rakuten website

Rakuten is a shopping extension with which you can find coupons and get cash back. A simple way to use the tool for coupons is to click on the extension on your browser. This will show all the deals available. Copy the coupon code you want to use and use it in the store. 

For getting cashback, go to your Rakuten account. You will find the list of stores with the percentage of cashback available. Found a good deal, press the “shop now” button. It will take you to the retailer’s website. The cashback will get credited after you make your purchase. Along with cashback, you will find other discounts too. 

Plus, you can apply for a Rakuten Cash Back Visa Credit Card to enjoy more benefits like an extra three per cent cashback. With Rakuten, cashback is not limited to just buying products but also booking flights, hotel rooms and other services. 

Rakuten also notifies you when there is a certain discount it assumes you would like. 

Download here.


Image Courtesy: Screenshot of Honey in use

Compared to other shopping extensions, Honey is easier to use. All that you have to do is add the shopping extension to your browser. Whenever you do online shopping, Honey automatically checks for coupons and applies the one that will save you the most money. If there are no coupons available, the extension will notify you. 

Here is a way to check which stores have coupons. Click on the Honey extension on your browser. It will show all the trending offer codes. Love shopping at a site but did not find a coupon? Click on the search icon, type in the store name on the search bar and follow the store. You will get notified when a new coupon is available. 

In addition to the coupons, Honey has a feature called the Honey Gold that lets you save up more money. Every time you shop, you will get points that can be accumulated and claimed as a gift card worth US$10. 

The best thing about Honey is that changing location is easy. Wherever you are, you can find the best coupons in that region. Moreover, the tool lets you know when there are price drops and recommends the best deals based on your shopping habits.

Download here.

Avast SafePrice

Image Courtesy: Avast SafePrice in Chrome Store

Are you someone who goes to as many shops as you can to find which one has the best deal? Then Avast SafePrice makes that job easy for you. It compares different stores and lets you know where you can save more money. 

You can search for existing offers based on items or stores. Click on the extension icon and type in the product’s name on the offers section. It will show you the offers available. There is one downfall though. When the extension searches for offers, it looks at the product’s name and not the category. This sometimes would give irrelevant results. For instance, if you want to buy tea, the extension may show a tea party dress in the results.

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Alitools Shopping Assistant

Image Courtesy: Screenshot of Alitools Shopping Assistant in use

Imagine having your shopping assistant who will take note of every product you view so that you can refer to it later. This is just one of the many features offered by the Alitools Shopping Assistant. 

With this extension, you can save the items you like. Check the product’s price history for the last six months. This will let you know if you are actually getting an offer. The tool also suggests similar looking products. You can also check the seller’s rating and see real pictures of the product. However, these features only when you shop on AliExpress. 

In addition to it, Alitools Shopping Assistant also shows a collection of coupon codes that you can use to save while shopping. 

Download here.


Image Courtesy: Lettyshops website

Similar to the other shopping extensions that offer cashback, LettyShops also offers the same. The tool will credit you with the cashback after the return period. The extension suggests the best sales too. 

Similar to Alitools Shopping Assistant, you can use this one to track a product’s price history and search for similar products. 

Have a product, store or brand in mind, just go to LetyShops’ website and type it on the search bar. It will show all the offers available. Given that the discounts are displayed in boxes, they are convenient to compare. 

Moreover, the cashback coupons are categorised thus it is easy to discover the coupons you will need. 

Download here.

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