5 Examples Of The Most Successful Social Media Advertising You Must Follow

Qatar Airways

Social media advertising has become viral lately because of its efficiency. More and more companies have been including social media into their marketing campaigns. Therefore, we present you with 5 amazing examples of social media advertising campaigns, hoping they will inspire you with some ideas for your own marketing strategy.

1. Qatar Airways

One of the biggest transport conglomerates in the world has boosted its hopes for becoming highly recognizable in the world due to its contract with one of the most successful and beloved football clubs in the world, Barcelona. “Uniting the world” isn’t only a slogan of the company but what it does indeed.

However, becoming a title sponsor of this football giant and having the most prominent football players like Messi, Neymar and Pique to endorse Qatar Airways seemed to be enough for the company’s phenomenal success. However, to be on the safe side, Qatar Airways also launched a considerable advertising campaign in social media, including Facebook and Instagram.

The main idea was hidden in the active involvement of people into the well-thought marketing strategy due to their inevitable participation in it. Thus, thousands of users posted their photos in various Qatar T-shirts connected with football and its overwhelming support.

The company became viral because of the highest enthusiasm of Qatar’s clients about football. Thus, here’s the first truth in marketing you need to follow: play on your users’ interests and they will advertise your company on their own.

2. Oreo

Oreo cookies are popular everywhere. However, being simply tasty wouldn’t lead to this spectacular success. That’s why Oreo has come up with a beautiful and ingenious advertising campaign on Facebook. Using creative gifs, Oreo stands for a completely new approach to marketing.

Entertaining its users and showing them the best creative ideas possible, the company engages people by showing them how far their imagination can lead. Depicting objects that are hardly connected with each other, Oreo awakes people’s curiosity. Therefore, the main rule for the company’s marketing campaign is to use creative and unusual gifs that may attract everybody’s attention in social media.

3. Stephen King

The author that has become much more brandy than lots of companies, Stephen King certainly knows how to promote his books in social media. The writer is considered to be one of the most active and energetic social media user.

Updating his pages on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads etc. with amazing regularity, the writer never forgets about one of the most significant thing in today’s social media marketing: human touch. With a personal approach to the subject of promotion, the author chooses exactly the words people want to hear. Therefore, the quality of his subscribers has been constantly and irresistibly rising.

Stephen King

4. Dove

Dove has chosen a strategy of being soft and tender in the clients’ eyes. Implementing this strategy into its social media marketing turned out to be a marvellous idea.

Except for showing the tenderness with the help of white and golden shades, the company includes an inconspicuous image of its creative logo in every single post.

Being inconspicuous is a key word here. A small golden dove appears everywhere but looks harmonious and doesn’t seem to be loud or catchy. Therefore, the beauty of this marketing campaign is sheltered by its simplicity.

Also, the marketing campaign includes the users’ involvement by asking them their opinion on various topics. Sharing their answers, people feel as if they were a significant part of the company itself. They know their thoughts matter and experience much more trust towards Dove.


5. DesignContest

A crowdsourcing platform for freelance web designers DesignContest has significantly increased the number of its subscribers when they decided to implement different innovative and original tags to the Facebook page.


Impressive content is, undoubtedly, useful, but with the help of tags it turns out to be much more beneficial. It’s become much more difficult to impress clients lately; most of them are used to watching daring and courageous advertisements and are even bored with them.

However, using creative tags is quite profitable because it assists with the marketing campaign in terms of keeping the client’s attention at the product or service and making them want to see more creative things.