10 Best Under Construction, Maintenance Mode Plugins for WordPress Site

WordPress maintenance mode plugins to help you manage your blog/website during website under construction or maintenance stage.

Website maintenance is important to online business. Whether adding new products and services, keeping information fresh or upgrading your entire. Regular web maintenance  to attract and retain customers, maintain search engine rankings, Keep your website working well.

Take your website maintenance or construction of new elements. To make sure your visitors do not go in vain you should inform them professionally about the situation with an under construction or maintenance page. These WordPress plugins allow webmasters to set the website into maintenance mode. There are many free and premium WordPress plugins for adding an under construction or maintenance feature and I will findbest 10 under construction plugin, maintenance mode plugin for your website that you can easy to keep your visitors engaged and coming back.

Ultimate Maintenance Mode

The Ultimate Maintenance Mode plugin displays a screenshot of your website with an overlayed window and the reason your site is down.




5sec Maintenance Mode

5sec maintenance mode is q quick install plugin which allows full customization, a countdown timer, editable templates, disabling of live feeds and SEO and Google friendly.



WordPress Maintenance – Under Construction Mode

The DP Maintenance plugin includes the possibility to add a maintenance mode with a sleek theme to your website.




Creates a ‘Coming Soon’ page that will show for all users who are not logged in. Useful for developing a site on a live server, without the world being able to see it



Maintenance WordPress Plugin

Take your site down from public view with a click of a button hiding the site when you need to change a few things or run an upgrade, making it only accessible by login and password. There is also an area to add a custom message which will be shown to the users while your site is down.




uMaintenance is an extremely easy to use “under construction” WordPress plugin. Its purpose is simple – to provide a way of letting your visitors know about the ongoing maintenance on your site, let them know when can they expect things to be back to normal and give them a chance to connect with you through other channels.




There is also an area to add a custom message which will be shown to the users while your site is down. Users stay on the same page when they input wrong initials.



Coming soon landing page

A WordPress plugin that switches your current website to maintenance mode. Includes custom pages, top menu, option for different timezones, spam prevention and a whole lot more.



Gaurm Simple Maintenance Mode with Animation

Maintenance mode with realistic cross-browser animation.



AJDE maintenance mode countdown timer

This easy plugin adds a count-down timer splash screen to your website during website maintenance stage. You can change all of the content that displays on splash page via WordPress back-end settings for UCT .


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