Six shopping websites to sell used clothes and make money out of it

For a lot of people, those old clothes that they no longer wear take up closet space. Why not free up that space and also make money. If you too are looking to sell used clothes and make money out of them, here are some websites to help. 

In addition to earning money, you will also be contributing to sustainability in fashion. This is because by selling wearable clothes that you cannot use anymore, you are increasing the piece’s lifetime. Thus decreasing fashion waste. 

The best places to sell used clothes


sell used clothes
Research market and trends before listing anything. (Image Courtesy: Thredup)

Sometimes there can be so much determination to start a business of your own but there is just not enough time to invest. Thredup is a great option for anyone who has a busy schedule and wants to do business on the side. 

All you need to have are a few worn clothes or accessories that are in good condition. Request for Thredup’s cleanout service. When you receive the cleanup kit, fill it with your old clothes. Drop the bag to the postal service (FedEx or USPS) for which Thredup will provide a label for shipping. 

Thredup then checks your products and lists the chosen ones. When something gets sold you get a commission, According to the company’s official website, you get up to 80 per cent for designer or luxury brands and 60 per cent for mid-priced brands. You can receive the payment to your bank or Paypal account. Thredup only ships within the US and Canada.

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Vestiaire Collective 

Vestiaire Collective is another platform to sell old clothes. Here you list the item you want to sell. Include pictures and details like brand, material, colour, pattern, price and more. Your product then becomes visible for buyers. 

Once someone buys it, you will have to send the item to Vestiaire Collective where they will check it before sending it to your buyer. You receive your money in your bank account after the product is shipped to the customer. You get up to 80 per cent of the purchase price.

Vestiaire Collective lets you interact with potential buyers who can learn more about the item and request a drop in price. It helps to speed up selling especially if a piece is not getting bought by anyone for a long item. Vestiaire Collective recommends that you put trending, timeless or vintage products on sale. That way, you will increase your chance of selling.

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ASOS Marketplace

sell used clothes
Give a proper description for every item you sell. (Image Courtesy: ASOS Marketplace)

If you have a lot of vintage pieces in your closet and are looking to sell, then ASOS Marketplace is the right place for you. By the way, the vintage pieces have to be made before the year 2000. Apply to start a boutique in ASOS Marketplace. After checking your application, if approved, the company will send its approval. It takes around three days. In case you are not selected to sell, you can always ask the brand for feedback, make the required changes and apply again. 

Once selected, you can create your own online shop in ASOS Marketplace and edit your store page as you like it. Then, you list your items and start selling. ASOS’s selling team will always be there to support you through the process. ASOS will help you promote your products on its website. When something sells, you will get the amount minus the 20 per cent commission. The money will get credit to the Paypal Business account linked to your store. You are supposed to have a verified Paypal Business account to start selling on ASOS Marketplace.

ASOS suggests that you offer international shipping and good customer service in order to make the best out of your boutique. Other than vintage, you can also sell your own designs. 

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The process of selling on Depop is quite simple and quick especially if you have an eye for style. Just open a Depop account and choose the sell option. List your items with pictures and description to start selling, Depop does not require you to get approval or set a minimum or maximum limit to selling. Even if you have only one shirt to sell, you can do it on the platform. The company lets you choose the price. Therefore, it is best to do your research before listing your price.

Prior to listing the products, you have to link a Paypal account to your Depop account. When someone buys an item you sell, you can either opt to ship it yourself or ship with Depop. You have to pay a 10 per cent commission for every product you sell. If Depop shipped, you will be charged for shipping. 

Shipping: Globally if you ship and within your country if Depop ships.

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sell used clothes
Take good and clear pictures that attract customers. (Image Courtesy: Depop)

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is yet another resource to sell old clothes. You just have to go to the marketplace page on Facebook, choose what type of item you are selling. Then, list your item(s) with the price and description. Your item(s) will go live on Facebook Marketplace for people to buy.

It is suggested that you boost your post to increase your reach. Now with Facebook Marketplace, you do your own shipping and receive the payment as per your preference. The social media platform lets you choose your convenient shipping location.

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Carousell is another company that lets you sell for free. Open a Carousell account and post the clothes you want to sell. Then, wait for a potential buyer to choose your product. There is a chat feature. This lets your buyers learn more about the products and ask for a lower price.

When the purchase is confirmed, you can discuss the mode of shipping and payment with your customer. If you are selling locally, you can cut down on shipping cost by arranging to meet the buyer directly.

Carousell is currently available in the following countries – Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Cambodia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. 

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