11 Killer YouTube Gaming Channel Startup Tips

Newcomers to YouTube gaming may face a variety of challenges, including stiff competition and constantly changing trends. These 11 pointers will assist newcomers in achieving ultimate success on their channels.

YouTube is an excellent platform for gamers who want to reach a larger audience and achieve success quickly. This field, however, may be difficult to conquer for new gamers. They face stiff competition, must master ever-changing trends, and may lack general YouTube gaming knowledge.

Gaming is extremely popular, with millions of gamers worldwide, some of whom have created YouTube gaming channels. Novices should not give up hope, but rather recognise that there is still room for them to shine.

Gaming’s user penetration is forecasted to rise to 35.6% globally in 2027 from 32.3% in 2022. The secret to success is investing in the right equipment and developing an authentic strategy.

It is possible to gain followers in this competitive field. According to Forbes, the ten top-earning gamers have a collective 270 million followers among them. Furthermore, PewDiePie or Felix Kjellberg is a great example of YouTube gaming success as he garnered a whopping 4.5 billion views in 2019.

In this article, we will go through 11 major tips to help newcomers kick start their channel boldly and get noticed. We will discuss various investments to make to boost the channel including a gaming channel intro maker and multiple devices.

Starting a YouTube gaming channel: 11 tips.

Having a camera, microphone and console are not all it takes to start a gaming channel. We have to consider several factors to set ourselves apart and engage the audience.

1. Find a niche.

There are a variety of genres of games in the market. To find the right niche, we should identify which games we prefer playing the most. Making YouTube videos can be a taxing process as we have to set up the equipment, set aside time to film, and spend hours editing. For this reason, it is best to opt for a genre we enjoy to motivate us to create content consistently.

As newcomers, we are often tempted to follow the crowd and choose popular games. This strategy may be successful for some but, generally, it has a negative consequence on our careers. Not only do we have to contend with stiff competition against others playing these games, but we also may not enjoy the game. We set ourselves up to lose.

2. Focus on one game.

Another fallible strategy most newcomers adopt is featuring multiple games on the channel. We may begin the channel playing Minecraft and then change to Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) the next week. Here’s a simple trick to crack the YouTube algorithm – stick to one game throughout the channel. A user playing GTA V only is more likely to be recommended to fans of GTA V frequently. Additionally, this tip has proven helpful for channels such as 100 Percent Zelda, Farzy, and LockDownLife.

3. Select the most appropriate gameplay type.

There are several ways to approach a gaming channel. Our YouTube channels should observe a particular format to create synchronization. We choose the type of video to film based on the genre of the game. The different gameplay types are tutorials, walkthroughs, live streams, reviews, and game highlights.

4. Establish a gaming persona.

We have to determine the type of gamer we are before filming. There are a multitude of gamers with varying personalities worldwide. The personas we can take on include mobile-only, Esporter, cloud gamer, influencer, casual gamer, and socializer.

5. Purchase video-making equipment.

Investing in the right equipment can significantly increase engagement with our videos as the audience perceives the content well. The type of equipment required includes:

  • A microphone for audio clarity.
  • A camera for high-resolution footage. Alternatively, we can use a webcam.
  • Screen recording software to enhance the flow and quality of the video.
  • Good lighting for clear visuals.
  • Editing software to include special effects, music, and voice-overs.  

6. Implement SEO in the channel name, video title, and thumbnails.

Playing into the YouTube algorithm is critical for success. We should conduct keyword research after identifying the niche we belong to. Using keywords boosts our channel in the algorithm. The first keyword is obvious – the name of the game we’re playing. The YouTube channel name should not exceed 70 characters. Moreover, include keywords in video titles and thumbnails.

7. Introducing the channel.

A channel trailer is a great way of building a rapport with the audience. Additionally, it allows us to grab the viewer’s attention and display our personality. A formal introductory video is the first video to include in our channels. It should be short and informative.

8. Create captivating intros.

Once we start filming, we should focus on producing the best intros. The first three to seven seconds of the video are dedicated to stating the purpose of the video. We can invest in gaming channel intro makers to help us achieve the best results. A good intro may be a short voice-over or clear text. It also includes a few keywords.

9. Plan content and post consistently.

We should plan to make sure that we have everything we will need. Less planning is required for live streams as you cannot script every detail in such scenarios. Here, we focus on the setup and the game. Furthermore, planning involves coming up with a detailed schedule of events. This allows us to post consistently increasing the chances that our videos will go viral or feature on the explore page.

10. Create YouTube shorts.

YouTube shorts are all the craze nowadays. They cater to the waning attention span of viewers who want quick content. They also increase engagement with the channel and attract viewers to your main page.

11. Promote the channel.

Adding links to our YouTube channels to our pages on other platforms is another means of directing organic traffic to the page. According to Forbes, hosting a giveaway is another solution to draw traction to our pages.

Wrapping up.

As gamers looking to penetrate the YouTube gaming society, we must strive to form distinctive channels. We stand out adopting a genre and persona that aligns with our personality, investing in gaming intro makers to capture the audience’s attention, and purchasing the best equipment. Furthermore, we optimize our content to suit the YouTube algorithm for better engagement. These tips help us reimagine our strategies for a better YouTube gaming channel. 

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