Zodiac Affinity and other apps to curate a music playlist

Whether going on a long drive or just doing a chore at home, most of us like to groove to music as we do it. Sometimes curating that perfect playlist to listen to can be a little time-consuming process. This is because the songs that are available for us to listen to are countless. Fortunately, there are websites like Zodiac Affinity that help you find the music to add to your playlist. There are websites that pick songs from all the song you have listened to. There are others that suggest new artists and songs based on your interest in music. Below are our picks. 

zodiac affinity
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Zodiac Affinity

Many people believe that their zodiac sign determines different things about them. They trust that even a person’s character and their taste in something aligns with their zodiac sign. This trending website named Zodiac Affinity works on exactly this thought process. As soon as you open the Zodiac Affinity website, it asks you to log in to your Spotify account. Once logged in, it asks you permission to access your Spotify data. After which you will have to select a zodiac sign from a drop-down menu.

The app then curates a five-song playlist. It is “your recently played songs (that) resonate with your zodiac sign.” There is a  drawback though with this website. The playlist only consists of songs that you listened to on Spotify.

It is not for discovering new songs. This fall back becomes an advantage too. The playlist curated by Zodiac Affinity Spotify only has the songs that you liked listening to. It is perfect for someone who prefers listening to the songs they usually listen to.  Discover here


Bandcamp helps you discover underrated acts. When you click on the search bar, it shows a list of genres including pop, ambient, electronic and others. Once you pick the genre the website suggests new songs from lesser-known artists.

The songs are available in different formats including vinyl, compact disc (CD), digital or cassette for purchase or pre-order. Since Bandcamp’s goal is to promote artists, the website not only recommends songs but also tells about the artist and the story behind some of the songs in its blog. Discover here

zodiac affinity
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Music Roamer 2.0

Music Roamer 2.0 is for discovering new artists and music. All you have to do is type in the name of your favourite artist on the search bar. It will automatically generate a flowchart with photos of similar music acts. Click on a picture, a menu will appear. It will show the artist’s name and the ‘listen’ and ‘more similar artists’ options.

Choose the ‘listen’ option, it will show a list of the artist’s popular songs. From which you can pick a song and listen to a preview of it. Now, if you have already listened to all the suggested artist. You may want to find new singers. Then choose the ‘more similar artists’ option. It will show musicians like the select singer or rapper.

You can go to the settings to choose how many artists you want the website to suggest.  It can be as low as one or as high as 20. The website keeps suggesting likewise music icons. The number of artists you will discover through this application is limitless. Discover here

Music Map

Music Map is quite similar to Music Roamer. It is referred to as the “tourist map of music.” You type in an artist’s name, it will suggest music artists who make similar music. Except that it only shows the names and not their songs. This website is exclusively for discovering new artists alone.

The artists who are the most similar to the artist you typed in are shown closer than the ones who are less similar. For instance, if you are looking for artists similar to BTS, the website shows Blackpink closer than Super M or Somi.

Is there a particular act missing in the map that you can include? Just press on the question mark in the top-right corner. It will show a link to the page where you can vote for that artist. Just type in the name of the artist in the search bar and select the ‘yes’ option. Discover here


For millions of people, Spotify is the go-to website or app to listen to music. Unlike the aforementioned ones, Spotify not only tells the artists’ names and songs but also lets you listen to them. From already listened songs to new ones, there are different playlists that Spotify curates based on your listening habit.

For instance, the ‘daily mixes’ and ‘discover weekly’ consists of a combination of songs that you have listened to many times and others you have never heard of. The new songs that Spotify suggest are mostly of the genre that you usually listen to.

While Spotify does offer a free subscription, the music experience is interrupted by the advertisements. You will have to pay to get the premium plan which lets you to listen to songs without any advertisement breaks.

zodiac affinity
Image Courtesy: Spotify’s Twitter Account

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