Make typing practice experience pleasurable with these websites

Things could go in the wrong way, and you might feel embarrassed if you do not have good typing speed. Typing has become necessary for modern-day jobs as all (private and govt. sectors) are using computers and laptops. To match up with today’s working environment, you should have good typing speed. That can be achieved by typing practice on various online software and applications available on the internet. By learning from these typing website’s, you can type quickly and accurately on the system.

Various typing tools are available, and they are good at providing typing training lessons and exercises. With the number of features, sometimes it’s become quite tough to choose the best typing software. But we have done some research, and here we have provided the list of the best typing sites.

List of best free online typing practice websites

  2. Typing Club
  3. Rapid Typing
  4. Rata Type
  5. KeyBlaze


This is one of the best typing tools that provide suitable typing lessons. The application also tracks all issues and suggests typing lessons to solve your issues. This software is also helpful in improving typing speed and accuracy.


  • Offers fast and accurate typing lessons
  • It helps to know the issues for which you are struggling.
  • Helpful in enhancing overall typing speed.

Typing Club

Typing Club is another free online typing practice website that offers to learn innovatively and interactively. This typing software provides learning through typing games that keep the learner motivated while improving typing speed with accuracy. This software users can learn and type very quickly because it consists of speed typing games online, which helps the users learn in an interactive way.


  • Users can learn typing in a very innovative and interactive way by playing games.
  • It offers fast and accurate typing due to online typing games         

Rapid Typing

Rapid Typing is one of the best online typing practice keyboard trainer known for providing amazing typing skills. It has handy features that help the users to learn and do typing practice on this software. This site comes up with various lessons that help to improve and enhance typing skills.


  • Rapid Typing displays moving fingers on the keyboard so that users can learn easily.
  • Helpful to keep track of learning progress and allows the users to view the results at any time.

Rata Type

This is another typing practice website that focuses on the position of each finger on the keyboard. Rata Type has a cool dashboard through which you can monitor their progress. This online software also provides typing practice tests. This practice test helps the users understand their performance and the areas where they lack behind.


  • This allows to have a typing test through users can monitor their performance.
  • A finger-focused keyboard helps the users to understand which finger should press which key on the keyboard.


It is free typing tutor software that allows you to learn to type quickly and accurately. KeyBlaze typing software has a very solid structure that helps the users learn all the required skills for typing. Users can analyze their typing speed and accuracy as it offers suggestions and learning lessons that are helpful to improve your typing. This typing practice online software consists of all the advanced features that need to be there in any typing software.


  • It offers very engaging learning lessons that help to improve typing speed and accuracy.
  • Very interactive way of learning keyboard typing

Wrapping Up

These are the best typing practice tools that you would like to have. All listed typing resource sites are known for their features, and it depends upon you which one you want to have. With these online typing software’s, you can learn typing skills very easily and quickly.

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