What to expect from the upcoming Android 12?

Google recently hosted Google I/O 2021 – its annual event for developers. Happening online this year, many announcements were made including what to expect from the yet-to-release Android 12. Android announced its latest beta version of Android 12. The beta is currently available for trial on Google Pixel, Vivo, Xiaomi and other devices. Here is everything to know before you get your hands on the beta version. 

The Android 12 is predicted to release by the end of 2021. However, experts say that people will have to wait until at least early 2022 for using the operating system on their devices. Note that the features mentioned below are all part of the beta version. Therefore, when the Android 12 is ready to drop, there may be some new additions or changes. 

Android at Google I/O
Image Courtesy: Android

Personalised Design

While most of the previous android phones have a limited colour scheme, the new Android 12 will come with an extended colour palette. The shades will automatically reflect on the screen using “colour extraction” from the wallpaper. All the shades that are seen on the OS – including the colours of the notifications, changing volume and other displays – will complement your phone’s background. 

This outlook is developed with the help of a design language called Material You. According to Material Design’s blog, a unique Material palette will be generated according to your device’s background. This unique Material palette will be applied to all apps. The brand describes it as “delivering a mode for every mood.”

Best of all, you can also choose what colours are extracted from your wallpaper.

Even the widgets are developed to look visually appealing with rounded corners. New interactive controls are added to enable a better user experience. These interactive controls such as checkboxes, radio buttons and switches also make customising the widgets easier.  Finding widgets has been made easier with the improvised widget picker. 

In addition to that, text size is going to be larger, icons are going to look bigger. 

Android 12
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More Privacy and Security Features

The upcoming Android 12 has also been programmed to offer better privacy features. During a video conference in Google I/O 2021 that explained what is new in Android, the speakers mentioned some of the privacy features seen on the beta version. Users have the ability to restrict apps from detecting their exact location – only an approximate location is taken.

Moreover, the common problem where users are asked to enable location access in order to connect to another device using Bluetooth is solved. With the Android 12, you can scan and connect to other devices without turning on the GPS.

The operating system comes with the new Privacy Dashboard that shows what data each app has access to. You can also adjust the privacy setting to ensure that the apps only have access to the data you allow. This gives you full control. 

Android 12
Image Courtesy: Android

Android 12 has added the camera access and microphone access button to the Quick Settings. This way, if you want to deny camera or microphone access throughout your device, it is only one click away. Moreover, when an app has access to your phone’s microphone or camera, a small notification prompts on the top of the screen. In other words, there is going to be so much transparency. 

Another privacy feature included in the Android 12 is that the user will be notified every time an app has access to their clipboard. It will appear as a toast. Apps that have not been used for a long time will be automatically put on hibernate mode. In this mode, the apps are denied the previously given permission. For instance, access to storage, camera, microphone and more.

Speaking of toasts, the toasts are updated in such a way that it tells the users which app is toasting. Additionally, the number of toasts that can appear on the screen is also limited.

Android beta version
Image Courtesy: Android

Linking Android Devices

Android has introduced new features that will make working with other devices hassle-free. For starters, the Android will have Fast Pair. With it, people can connect to Bluetooth devices such as watches, earbuds and cars with a single tap. 

Next, you can connect your phone to your television. Following this, you can use your phone as a remote. It comes in very handy when you have to type in email-ids and passwords for signing in to your OTT platforms’ accounts. 

Also, you can connect your phone to your laptop or computer. After that, you can access your phone on the personal computer. You can also continue what you were doing on your phone’s web browser on your laptop or computer. 

Changes on Google Photos

Google Photos are soon going to add your high-quality pictures to the 15 GB free storage. This means that unlike before, you have to be careful of what gets saved to the storage. Thanks to this upgrade on Android 12, screenshots will no longer get added to Google Photos. The screenshots or screen recordings you take will not be backed up automatically. 

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Android Beta Version
Image Courtesy: Android

Better Animations

Android 12 comes with many animations that show the phone’s responsiveness. In Android Authority’s video about Android 12, a phone with the beta version was shown. On it, some of the animations from the beta version were seen. For instance, when you select an option from Quick Settings, there are glitter-like graphics that appear on the menu you press. There are fade-out effects when you unlock the phone. This either comes from the sides or the centre depending on how you unlock your device. 

Other Notable Features on the Android 12

Over scroll: The Android 12 will have stretch over-scroll. With this, users will know when they have reached the end of a scroll menu. You can open Google Assistant by simply doing a long-press on your phone’s power button.

On this android version, the Quick Settings menu not only shows the icons but also the name. Case in point, the word Bluetooth is written along with the Bluetooth icon. This makes the Quick Setting much bigger and clearer than in the previous versions of android.

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