Use one of these ATS scanners to edit your next job application

If you are trying to find a job, you may have sent in many resumes by now. Unless you are the few lucky ones who got a job offer after the very first try. There are times you think you are perfect for the job. The job duties are everything you can and know to do. Even the soft skills mentioned in the description match your profile. You apply for the post but never hear back from the company.

Well, that is because your resume may have not passed the ATS scanner’s test. For this,  you should optimize your resume to match the keywords in the job description.  This will increase your chance of moving to the next step in the hiring process. According to a study by Jobscan, more than 90 per cent of Fortune 500 companies use ATS scanners.

Before using one of the ATS scanners mentioned below, here are a few things to know about an ATS scanner. An ATS, also known as an Applicant Tracking System, is software used to filter resumes. Hundreds of people apply for a particular job posting. The ATS scanner helps the organisation to find the best candidates. If you are sure that you are a suitable candidate for the job, then you may want to edit your resume to make it ATS-friendly. Luckily there are different ATS scanners to scan and edit your resume before sending it in. That way you can test if your resume will pass the ATS scan. Below are some of the best ATS scanners and how to use them. 

ATS Scanners
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The organization that helps job seekers in finding a job has its own ATS scanner. You can use it by logging in with your LinkedIn account or email. Next, you paste or upload your resume. Paste in the job description in the box next to it. Then, click on the scan button. The website then compares your resume and the job posting. Jobscan categories each scan as “ATS findings, recruiter findings and skills match.”

As part of the ATS findings, the Jobscan checks if you have the same skills, degree and job title mentioned in the job post. The recruiter findings show if you have the required experience for the job and if you have mentioned your achievements. The job scan gives a detailed description of the changes you will need to make to your resume. It shows a comparison list of the keywords found in your resume and the job post. When you use any keyword less than the required times, it prompts a red x mark. This means you should try adding the exact words to your resume.

Jobscan lets you scan five resumes for free once you sign in. You can update the same resume and rescan it as many times as you want. After that, you can do two match rate calculations and two keyword comparisons every month. For doing more scans you should get a premium account. The paid plan comes with other benefits like cover letter optimisation. Best of all, Jobscan also suggests more jobs from Indeed that you can apply for. It is based on your resume or job description.

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Price: Monthly Plan: US$ 49.95 | Trimonthly Plan: US$89.95

ATS Scanners
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SkillSyncer lets you sign up using your Facebook, Google account and email. It works like Jobscan. You upload a copy of your resume and the job posting. The website compares the two and gives a report. This report is simpler than the one given by Jobscan. SkillSyncer checks if you have the necessary hard skills, soft skills and keywords. It mentions the key terms you are supposed to add to your resume.

This ATS scanner suggests that you get a match score of at least 80. SkillSyncer sees if you have the required degree. It recommends you add the exact job title to your resume. Say you never held that position before, then try adding it to the ‘objective’ or ‘summary’ section. It also shows a detailed keyword density report with bar charts. The same resume can be edited and rescanned several times. You can only scan one resume every week with a free plan.

You should pay for a premium plan to enjoy benefits like unlimited scans. The paid subscription allows you to check if you used the right words, pronouns, verbs and date format. SkillSyncer’s premium plan is way cheaper than Jobscan. However, unlike SkillSyncer, Jobscan’s free plan itself checks for some details like date format. 

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Price: Monthly Plan: US$ 14.95 | Trimonthly Plan: US$34.86

ResyMatch by Cultivated Culture

Similar to the ATS scanners mentioned above, even in ResyMatch you should add the job description and your resume. The ATS scanner then checks if your resume will pass the ATS scan. The report demonstrates if you have the necessary hard skills and soft skills. It lets you know if your resume is formatted as suggested by an ATS scanner.

It also has a section called “sales index”. This part includes details like “measurable results.” It basically reviews if your resume portrays you as a successful candidate for the role. You can download the report in PDF format. Best of all Resymatch lets you do unlimited scans without any paid subscription. Moreover, Cultivated Culture has its own resume templates. You can use it to make a new resume based on the results from the scan. 

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