High Demand Jobs in Future

The future is uncertain while considering the economy.

The Covid-19 pandemic had revealed how delicate the market is.

The sectors that were hit badly by the pandemic were retail, food service, and hospitality. Also, it may take years to recover those sectors.

The coronavirus is not only a concern for job security but also, technological advancement is eradicating certain positions, some positions there is not enough demand required, and some jobs are being outsourced.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this reflects an annual employment growth rate of 0.4% between 2019 to 2029. If this data is compared with the year between 2009 to 2019, it was 1.3%. You can see here; the annual employment growth rate is slower.

Moreover, about 4 million college graduates are attempting to enter the work domain every year and this could create job uncertainty.

Thus, you need to check our article – 10 of the most in-demand jobs for the future.

The List of the Highest Paying Careers for the Future

1. Blockchain Developer

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and is based under blockchain, Bitcoin has been recently providing significant returns to its users.

Numerous experts believe that blockchain technologies have got the potential to transform different industries.

Thus, Blockchain development will be the most in-demand skills for the future and chasing a career in it will be valuable for you in the long run.

There has been a rise in blockchain skills by 2000 to 6000% and the salaries of Blockchain developers are higher than traditional roles for about 50 to 100%.

Blockchain requires proficiency in lots of skills like programming and cryptography etc.

Also, various industries like health, transport, logistics, and finance are searching for Blockchain developers to prepare them for the future.

2. Digital Marketer

If you got the skill to get customers online, then digital marketing is the ideal field for you.

In India, Digital Marketing is a rapidly growing industry at a 25 to 30% annual rate.

Thus, Digital Marketing is a high-demand job in the future.

Digital Marketing is the combination of technical as well as creativity and some of the other skills are Content Marketing, SEO, Content Optimisation, and SEM, etc.

3. Cloud Computing Professional

Several companies are using Cloud technology as it is more efficient and helps in minimizing the operating cost.

There has been an increasing demand for Cloud Computing professionals and thus, most in-demand jobs for the future.

A survey done by IDC reflects that there will be an increase in-demand for Cloud Computing as expected by 64% of the Indian Organizations.

The demand for cloud software demand has been risen due to the pandemic impact.

4. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Expert

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Expert demand has been continuously increasing.

Various industries like Medicine, Health, Education, Manufacturing, and Finance are searching for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence experts.

According to LinkedIn, the top emerging jobs in India are Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence jobs.

Also, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence will be the most in-demand jobs for the future.

5. Software Developer

As companies are moving towards digitalization and are dependent on digital products, the demand for software developers has been growing.

Software Developers skills should have problem-solving skills, collaboration, programming and are responsible to create software products.

Popular technical skills should be Java, Databases, C++, and Python.

Their skills must be updated as the software’s are evolving day by day and thus, Software Developers is high demand jobs in future.

6. Nurse Practitioner

Nurse Practitioners possess immense training and medical education beyond Registered Nurse.

Nurse Practitioners are the healthcare providers and perform physical assessments, develop treatment plans, writing prescriptions, and diagnose medical conditions.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, medical professional jobs will grow 45% (much better than average) between 2019 to 2029.

Several specialties can be selected by Nurse Practitioners like mental health, adult care, neonatal, pediatrics, family care, acute care, women’s health, and gerontology.

7. Statistician

Statisticians are considered mathematical professionals and the work includes gathering, analyzing, and interpreting data of massive volume across various industries.

Thus, this process helps Organizations, Governments, Institutions, and Businesses for decision-making.

In short, Statistician advice for decision making on key findings from the massive volume of data.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, reflects that the jobs for Statisticians would grow by 33% between 2019 to 2029.

Statisticians’ jobs include in various industries such as Public Safety, Education, Healthcare, Politics, Finance, Environment, Market Research, and Forensics.

Statisticians specialize in many different areas like business statistics, economic statistics, agricultural statistics, biostatistics, population statistics, environmental statistics, forensic statistics, and geostatistics.

8. Information Security Analyst

Information security Analyst plays an important role in protecting the data of country as well as the world.

The work of an Information Security Analyst includes protecting data in the computer systems, malware attacks, data breaches, and unwanted cyber-attacks.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, reflects that the jobs for Information Security Analyst will grow by 31% between 2019 to 2029.

Information Security Analyst

According to Statista, there were 1,001 data breaches in the US in the year 2020 which expose 155.8 million records.

9. Physical Therapist Assistants

Physical Therapist Assistants work under the Physical Therapist either to help an injured person or help people with disabilities to improve mobility, prevent injury, restore function, manage, and relieve pain.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs for Physical Therapist Assistants would be growing by 29% between 2019 to 2029.

A problem exists for many patients that limit their body ability to move and perform day-to-day activities.

As treatment decreases the chances of surgery.

Thus, Physical Therapist Assistant also works with injury prevention for individuals through wellness and fitness programs.

10. Home Health Aides

Home Health Aides provides personalized assistance to all the individuals that require extra caring in their day-to-day activities.

Home Health Aides help anyone with health-related issues such as physical disabilities, chronic illnesses, and cognitive disabilities.

Moreover, the job may involve duties like meal preparation, bathing or dressing, planning, and recording patient pulse rate, blood sugar, temperature, and changing bandages.

Home Health Aides could find employment either with public or private agencies, adult daycare centers, and community centers.


We have seen changes in the industry trends in the last few years as some of the jobs had been cut down or some jobs had become valuable for the future.

We hope that the article – 10 high demand jobs in future was valuable to you and it could provide you some great insights for selecting the right career.

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