How to Create a Digital Marketing Strategy for Your Cleaning Business Using a Website

For the past couple of years, the cleaning industry is one of the most significantly growing industries. Undoubtedly, the cleaning business has been earning a lot of profit; it turned investors on the edges of their seats because no one thought that such an industry would induce that much income.

That being said, there is still a lot of potential in the cleaning business. The cleaning industry in the US mostly runs on analog and traditional marketing. It means that if a business makes an effort to create its presence on the world wide web and induces traffic with well-thought marketing strategies, there is a good chance that the company emerges to be a profitable one at an even larger scale.

If you are starting a cleaning business or already own one, below are some marketing strategies for your cleaning business that would increase its profitability. However, all these tips are related to a fully functional website. So, the first step is, of course, getting a website.

Getting a Website

The first that you want to establish as a foundation is a quality company website for your cleaning business. We are not talking about any kind of website, but the website you would want to have should be fully functional, fully optimized for lead generation, and should also have good load times.

One thing noticed in a lot of cleaning businesses is that they just have a website for a website’s sake. Their website is not optimized to generate leads, doesn’t have the proper design, and, even though it looks nice, it doesn’t function efficiently. To be frank, having such a website is the same as not having a website at all. Although the business can survive for years with such kind of a website, it would definitely create problems in the future.

Have A Quality Website

In such cases, cleaning businesses usually go to website development consultants, representing their need for more traffic and online opportunities. However, if a website development agency is doing even the basic foundational work for you – building a website again from an initial phase – the rates would noticeably be more than usual. So, you need to be ready for that.

One of the trends noticed in the cleaning business is that most business owners used get-away-with-it software to create websites. Consequently, the website looks automatically like it is not mobile-friendly, it was made 10 years ago, or no money has been invested in it whatsoever. Such assumptions from visitors – if they do stumble on your website – instantly eradicate any chance of business that you might have had with them.

Therefore, it is important to understand that having a quality website is essential for a cleaning business. A fully functional website also generates leads for your business, so it is safe to say that whatever money you have invested in your site would come back to you.

Best cleaning business service website landing page illustration

Once you have your fully functional website, there are a lot of things you can do with it to generate business leads. Below are some of the proven elements that, if you incorporate them in your website, can really create lucrative opportunities for your business.

1. Free Quote

A free quote is one thing that customers love to get. Having a “Free Quote” option prominent on your webpage where people can see all the time is the best way to lure in people and get their contact information. A free quote option would allow people to get in touch with you, tell you their requirements, and ask you to disclose the estimated price of the job. In other words, it is a basic way to convince customers to hire you.

2. Company Phone Number

Along with the free quote, a display of a company phone number on the website is one of the best marketing techniques. Some people rather just call and get the estimated quote instead of filling out the information form in the “Free Quote” process.

3. A Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is a term referred to as a technique where the business offers something free to the customers in exchange for their name, phone number, and email. These are the people who are not ready to get a free quote yet, and are just looking through your website for research and comparison – that is where people compare your website to other similar sites to decide who to hire. But you wouldn’t want to let them go. So, what you will do is offer them something for free, like a newsletter, magazine, a free visit, and get their contact information.

4. Email Auto-Responder

In conjunction with the lead magnet where you get customers’ emails, an email auto-responder is an excellent part of a digital marketing system because it can work with or without you. If you have set this up, then you are going to have an email series that is going to go out to your potential clients.

If the customers have visited your website and performed any function, like downloading a guide, getting a free quote, or availing a lead magnet, they would be entered into your email list.

Then, an email auto-responder would continue to provide value to them, clearing questions, providing information, etc. It will continue to provide service to the customers in the backend and educate your clients about your business. That way, a usual website visitor will turn into a potential buyer.

5. Display Service and Location Pages

Your cleaning business probably has specifications.

Are you a commercial cleaner or a residential cleaner? Are you specialized in carpet cleaning or window cleaning? Do you operate outside your founding state? Are the procedures of different kinds of cleaning different?

All these questions ought to be answered in service pages and location pages, so the visitor has an idea about your services, which would help them make a decision to hire you for the cleaning service. And don’t just list areas and services; create separate pages with targeted keywords and locations; it would become easy for people to find you.

Bottom Line

We know that it can be a bit challenging to be as efficient with your website as you are with your physical business. However, it is certain that your web presence has the potential to generate more clients than your physical business, so it definitely should be treated as equal, if not a priority.