5 Handpicked Desktop Free Video Editors without Watermark

Editing videos is a task that requires patience, good time management skills, and the ability to tell your story visually.

The easy-to-use software will help you make the video editing process smoother and more productive.

Without further ado, we are going to share 5 desktop free video editors with no watermark in this article for you to know their features.

#1. MiniTool MovieMaker (Windows)

MiniTool MovieMaker is a video editing software for Windows users to use for free. It does not leave any watermark on your projects.

No matter you are a professional or new to video editing, you can use this free video program to craft eye-catching videos. Below are its main editing features.

  • Support editing video files in MP4, AVI, MOV, and MPEG format etc.
  • Split large videos into many equal, smaller parts, merge/combine multiple clips into one, remove the unwanted portion of the video.
  • There are many different video transition effects to choose from.
  • Easily add customized text, titles, captions, and end credits to your videos. 
  • Add background music or audio recording to your videos.
  • Extract the audio from the video files.
how to use MiniTool software to edit videos without watermark on Windows

How to edit videos without watermark

Read the instructions below and you will know how to use MiniTool software to edit videos without watermark on Windows.

Run the software and you will see some video templates which are designed to save your work time. Select one video template that meets your needs, import a few video/audio files, you could begin to edit a great video, and then export the video with no watermark. If you do not need the templates, please follow the tutorial below to add your touches.

①. Download MiniTool MovieMaker on your Windows 10, 8, or 7 computers, open the file to start the installation, after it’s done, launch the program and click the ”Full-Feature Mode” to enter the main interface.

②. Click the dark gray ”Import Media Files” button to import your video/music files directly from your computer, afterwards, drag these files and drop them to the timeline in the lower part of the software.

③. Now it’s time to make your videos polished, interesting, and engaging. You could split/trim the video, rearrange the sequence of your video clips, join some short video clips into one, apply transition effects in between clips, change video brightness, add text and background music to the video. 

④. At the upper-right corner of the software, please make sure the content in the preview window looks good, at last, save the video and export the file to a designated folder.

In the final step, you can choose HD or SD resolutions and select different video formats, including .MKV, .MP4, .MOV, .WMV, .MPEG2, .WebM, .AVI, and .TS. 

What Features I like with MiniTool MovieMaker

If you want to add your favourite movie cinematic color, you can easily make it with a few clicks. MiniTool movie maker also comes with lots of popular movies preset background color. So, Do you want to add cinematic background video effects to YouTube video? MiniTool MovieMaker is the best free software for YouTubers.

How to Create a Cinematic Look Video

It has preset video effects movies like Harry Potter, 007, Game of Throne, Batman, MadMax Fury Road, Mission Impossibe, Walking Dead, Dark film, Cool films, Star Wars, black and white preset and so on.

So how to make a cinematic video no watermark? Simply double click the video which you input and then select the 3D LUT movie preset (as shown in below picture)

How to Create a Cinematic Look Video Free Video Software

You can also adjust brightness, contrast, and saturation to your video that makes your movie even more professional. If you are a small YouTuber you don’t worry about having in-house editors to make pro look YouTube videos. This tool helps you make simple but pro looking final results easily. This is the best free video editors without watermark for video creators.

MiniTool MovieMaker provides other features that you might need, for example, reverse the video, choose the speed (either accelerated or slow motion), make a GIF from a short video, convert images to videos, remove the music/soundtrack with one click, etc. 

On one hand, the premium video editing programs don’t come cheap, they usually require high-end PCs packing multi-core processors and plenty of RAM. On the other hand, most free video editing software and online video editors have watermarks, and their features are a bit limited. If you are looking for a completely free video editor that has many editing features, try MiniTool MovieMaker.

#2. VSDC Free Video Editor (Windows)

Many digital marketers, video bloggers, students, video editing hobbyists are familiar with VSDC Free Video Editor. This non-linear free video editing software is one of the most comprehensive video solutions on Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 /8 /10.

  • This free editing software provides several video processing features and supports tons of codecs.
  • The software includes a variety of objects and visual effects, including filters, color correction to give your videos a great look.
  • VSDC lets you directly publish the final videos to social media platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc .

You will find the drag-and-drop UI and easy-to-follow instructions are helpful, even you are just starting to learn how to edit videos. With the help of this free video editor without watermark, you can easily create professional-looking videos and publish them online. Advanced users can try the Pro version of VSDC, which costs $19.99 (valid for a year).   

#3. OpenShot (Windows)

If you have searched “free video editing software no watermark download” on the Internet, you possibly have noticed OpenShot in the results.

  • OS support: Windows (version 7, 8, 10), OS X (above 10.9) and Linux (most distributions are supported).
  • Openshot is user-friendly because it owns an easy-to-understand interface, and you can redistribute or modify it for your own needs.
  • The software can recognize and edit many types of common video/audio files.
  • Openshot is capable of an unlimited number of animation possibilities and key frames, which are useful for advanced users.
  • You could create multiple layers for your different videos and soundtracks.

Try VSDC free video editing program and you will find many other advanced features in it, for instance, the 3D animation tools and chroma key function. However, It gives users too much information at one time, which could be stressful for beginners. Besides, it does not perform quite steadily when it works on computers with low system specifications. Overall, this free video editing tool is suitable for people who have relatively high-end computers to give a professional look to their videos.

#4. VideoPad Video Editor (Mac)

The VideoPad by NCH Software is available for free download on Windows and Mac. This is a good free video editor with no watermark that can suffice for beginners to perform basic editing tasks. The software developer has released the mobile version that makes video editing on your phone or tablet fun.

  • It offers functions like different video transitions and visual effects (text snippets, light balance, and color correction, etc).
  • The program has many plug-ins and tools that have been customized to support videos for YouTube.   
  • The video stabilization feature of VidPad video editor software can convert your shaky video into a motion-stabilized one.
  • The latest version can support 2D to 3D stereoscopic conversion and 3D video editing as well.

In my test, VideoPad software took me a long time to edit a large HD footage. I also found that it lacks good-looking font styles for the users to choose when they want to add some text to the video. Anyway, this program is helpful for those who want to edit home videos within a couple of clicks, and amateurs who are new in editing.

#5. Shotcut (Linux)

Last but not least, Shotcut is another free video editing software without a watermark. This software is quick to learn and provides you with professional-looking videos that can be done in minutes.

  • Shotcut supports Windows 7 – 10 (64-bit), Mac OS X 10.10 – 10.15, or Linux with(64-bit, at least glibc 2.27).
  • This cross-platform program can support hundreds of videos and audio files.
  • Has a helpful forum with FAQs and tutorials provided.

Although this free video editor without watermark looks a little clumpy at the first sight and it does not have an in-app animation feature, overall, Shotcut is a good, entry-level tool. The software interface is straightforward enough for every user, it supports a large number of video formats, can apply diverse visual effects, and provides many editing features such as detach audio from video, cut, copy, and paste operations. 

So, what are some of the best free video editors on pc without shitty watermark?

These are the best free video editors without watermark for Windows 10, 8.1, Windows 7, Linux and Mac users.

  1. MiniTool MovieMaker
  2. VSDC Free Video Editor
  3. OpenShot
  4. VideoPad Video Editor
  5. Shotcut

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