An In-Depth Guide of Knowledge Bases

A knowledge base has become something that every website visitor expects to find. But it is not just the customers that come who benefit. No, if you are running a business and have employees, a knowledge base goes a long way in ensuring that everyone is on the same page and has a source for learning as well as referencing whenever there is trouble.

This article will help everyone who is looking to implement a knowledge base themselves. Thus, if you have been struggling with this matter, you will definitely want to read until the very end. 

The Definition

Before we had internet and computers, the most widely used knowledge bases were obviously libraries. Books and documents were the way to go back then. But thankfully, things are not as rough these days thanks to the digitalization of information.

Massive systems with gigabytes of data have become a norm and it would be difficult to imagine something other than that. Moreover, you have plenty of different options, as illustrated by the article of knowledge base software compared by Herothemes.

Why Bother Creating a Knowledge Base?

As it takes time to create something that is really good, it is only natural that some people will question whether a knowledge base is worth all that effort in the first place. The short answer is always yes, especially if you are trying to create a solid and sustainable business.

The benefits are quite clear as it elevates everything to the next level and helps both customers and employees. Especially the former who would rather look for information on their own instead of having to wait for an answer from the customer support department.

The Most Important Features

As you can probably guess, a good knowledge base has to have certain features. If you want to ensure that you end up with something that is good, then here are some of the most important things to implement:

Search Function


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This one is a no-brainer and it is really weird whenever you see a website that does not have a search button. Randomly navigating through a website with the intent to find something would simply take too much time. 

Be it articles, guides, video tutorials, particular products or anything else, everything should be optimized on your website and accessible via the search function. It is a basic thing and one that should be available at all times. And once you start to delve a bit deeper, you will realize how neat some features and available customization options can be, making the whole thing even better for your customers.

Simple Backend Dashboard

A knowledge base is meant for the customers and your employees. These people should be put first, no questions asked. 

However, it is worth pointing out that the person who is developing the knowledge base should also feel comfortable. After all, he or she will be overtaking a major venture and everything should run smoothly to reach the best possible result.

A simple backend dashboard is ideal as managing hundreds if not thousands of articles, videos, media files, etc. gets pretty rough. While there are some systems that offer more functions, it is worth looking at a bigger picture and thinking whether a certain choice will not cause problems along the way. Perhaps the best words to describe this situation would be “simple is best”.

Archive and Categorization System

Like already mentioned, dealing with tons of data is going to be a real pain if you cannot manage everything in an orderly fashion. The archive and categorization system is also crucial. 

Adding or updating new content is going to be inevitable, and if you are not careful, getting lost in the sea of information is easier than one might expect. 

Analytics and Reports

GooglevAnalytics and Reports

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Making adjustments at random is not going to happen. You need to keep track of information regarding all pieces of content. That is where analytics come in. Using specific tools is the only way to find out which of your pages are exceeding expectations and which are underperforming. Finally, keep in mind that the more time you spend working with analytics, the better off you will be.

User Feedback

It is always nice to find out what your customers are thinking. Implementing a simple review or feedback system should not be a problem. You can look for inspiration on various websites out there. Both writing and star rating will work as long as you understand what you want to gain from it. 

So to conclude things, everyone who has read the article should be more than confident when it comes to creating a knowledge base. Of course, nothing beats hands-on experience but references like these go a long way in ensuring that there are fewer mistakes. 

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