10 Best Websites to Make Flashcards Online

Flashcards are using as a quick and effective note-taking learning tool by students. Flashcards recommended for fast learning and constant repetition over the few decades. So, you can make flashcards online to memorise your important note or equation, grammar rules, quotes, historical dates, formulas and more. Notecard maker contains short information related to your subjects like illustration or images, words, phrases, or numbers that will help you instantly quiz yourself on your study topic.

If you are a student or looking to make revision cards for your exam preparation, a flashcard is a handy option. There are lots of free online flashcard maker tools available. Here is a list of the best free flashcard maker websites that let you create your flashcards online for free.

Where Can You Make Flashcards Online?

Take a look at the best sites to make flashcards with pictures and words.

1. Cram.com

Cram.com is the best online flashcards maker, and most importantly, it’s free to use. How to make flashcards using this website? Just go to the site and just click the “Create Flashcards” button. The next page will show you to add your subjects, title, adjust fonts and more.

They also have more than 195 million flashcards, so you can find your subjects flashcards to study. Cram provides flashcards maker apps for both iOS and Android. So, you can access this platform with your iPhone, iPad or Android tablet.

2. Brainscape

Brainscape allows students to make flashcards online using any devices like a laptop, smartphone or tablet. You can easily sync between your devices. The site offers a paid version, but a free subscription is the best fit for students.

You can download its apps for free and create flashcards with your phone. 

3. Flashcard online

This is another free flashcard maker to create your study material. Flashcard.online includes various templates so you can choose your favourite design. Go to the website to make your notecards.

4. GoConqr

GoConqr’s maker allows you to create the perfect flashcards for learning key information. Memorizing key information may be hard for many of us this type of tool make it easy. 

5. ProProfs.com

Do you want to memorize words and lists? ProProfs assist makes flashcards online to print cards that you can use from anywhere you go. This tool allows you to add study facts, formulas, quotes and keywords. You can also sell flashcard to earn money online. If anyone is looking for a fun side hustle, you can try this method.

6. Canva Free Flashcard Maker

Canva is the most popular graphic design platform which offers different online tools for business and learners. They also have a free flashcard creator, so you can use it to make your own online flashcards game quickly. The site has a drag-and-drop editor and more features that let you design engaging flashcards.

7. Quizlet

Quizlet is another free flashcard app which lets you create your own flashcards. Search study materials on the platform; they already have over 300 million. You can use images and custom styles for making your notes into flashcards. You can download flashcards apps for Android,iPhone and iPad.

8. Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is another easy card creator to make flashcards online with pictures and various symbols. Business people use flashcards as a prompt for public speaking and learning. Adobe is well-know for its Photoshop and other design software. The library has pre made templates, themes, fonts, and images, so you build your flashcard within few minutes. 

9. KitzKikz

KitzKikz is the best website for making printable flashcard online. Type your question and answers, and then preview in PDF format before printing. You also download PDF on your PC.

10. Flashcard Machine

Flashcard Machine is another good site to make flashcards on the web, but you have to register a free account. This tool is perfect for not only students and teachers but also a business professional. With flashcards, you can keep key note whenever you cann’t use a smartphone. It has both iOS and Android flashcard app. 

How to make flashcards online for kids, study or other purposes?

Even though hundreds of free flashcards makers are available, each website offers a similar function and features. Before making flashcards, go to one of the platform or Pinterest to find some inspiration. 

How to make flashcards online?

  • Start with inspiration
  • Go to the flashcard maker site.
  • Choose a template you like
  • Put key content or question and answers.
  • Add animated stickers or image to remember easily.
  • Download, share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or print flashcard.

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