20 of the Best Free Photoshop Alternatives Software for 2023

Whether you are looking Photoshop replacement program or free software like Photoshop for your basic photo editing works. Here we are highlighting 20 best free Photoshop alternative software and free photoshop online tools.

Photoshop provides 7 days free trial and is paid tool for image-editing that is supported on Windows and Mac OS. We all need to edit our photos, so we can bring life into the picture itself. But the lacking part is that those tools come with free trails which they get expire. Either those trails are for 7 days or 30 days and then we need to purchase them. We all cannot afford to purchase all the stuff if they are available for free in the market. Most of us are in doubt and the question pops up in our mind is.

Adobe Photoshop is an excellent tool which provides everything one needs for photo editing and manipulation. It has user-friendly an highly customizable versatile interface. But, Photoshop incredibly expensive so that some users are surfing Photoshop equivalent programs for free to use.

There are many best photoshop alternatives out there. These free photoshop online tools and Photoshop competitors software give a perfect solution for image editing and photo manipulation needs.

Are there any free alternatives to Photoshop?

Yes, there are a lot of alternatives to photoshop for free are available in the market and that will be useful for you. I have selected those useful alternatives that will be helpful to you.

Here are 20 best free Photoshop alternatives for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Let’s take following photoshop alternatives free tools might be fit for your photo editing tasks.

Top Free Photoshop Alternatives for Windows and Mac

1. Gimp

Gimp is an open-source Photoshop similar photo editing software. It supports platforms such as Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, BSD, Unix, and SkyOS. GIMP stands out as the best free alternative to Photoshop. It supports file formats like RAW formats, BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, PSD, etc.

GIMP is Photoshop alternatives for mac as an open-source image editor. It does stands as GNU Image Manipulation Program. The toolset of software provide is nearly similar to the Photoshop toolset. At the same time, it does not cost any money for image-editing.

The toolset of software provides everything such as color correction, painting tools, selection, enhancement, and cloning. Moreover, the tool provides customization options and different codes to support the developers. It also offers photo editing advance features so you can add filters and even, customize your interface.

As it provides great features, it requires downloading other tools like Inkscape and Scribus for support. GIMP is available for download on Windows 10, Linux, and Mac.


2. Paint.NET

Paint NET is another free alternative to Photoshop but it is less powerful than Gimp Photoshop. It works on Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. This is the best Photoshop alternative open-source image editor for Windows. The toolset of Paint.net provides support for layers, selection tools, brightness/contrast, and adjustments.

Moreover, Paint.net provides special effects, blend and push pixels, repeat selections, tile, and you can create fake perspective. The toolset of Paint.net is easy to learn but the lacking point is their limited features. Paint.net is available for download on Windows (7,8.1,10).

Free Photoshop Alternatives for Mac

3. Krita

Krita is another best drawing software and editing tools for open-source platforms like Linux and Unix. If you are looking for brush performance software, Krita is the best if compared to Photoshop. Krita provides 9 brush engines, 100 brush types, and a brush stabilizer.
It is also known to be an alternative to GIMP because of brush performance.
The lacking point of Krita is that it is mainly focused on digital painting rather than image-editing.

Krita is available for download on Windows, Linux, and Mac. It’s also good Photoshop alternative for Windows 10 and Mac.

4. PhotoScape X

Another, best Photoshop alternative free is PhotoScape X helps you with the powerful tools to edit and design your photos. The toolset of PhotoScape X provides filter, color, brushes, cropping, and changes in the background.

It also provides bulk-editing powerful features like editing, batch format change, streamlined organization, and batch resize. You can create a graphic from scratch or clean up your image with the help of the PhotoScape X toolset. PhotoScape X is available for download on Windows (7,8,10) and Mac.

5. FireAlpaca

FireAlpaca is Alternatives to photoshop as the focus is on simplicity to create graphics. If you compare FireAlpaca to photoshop, photoshop is more complex and FireAlpaca has a simple user interface. You can use different templates and 3D views in the FireAlpaca toolset.

With the help of the FireAlpaca toolset, you can accurately use the tools like pencil, blur, and airbrush. The lacking point in the FireAlpaca is that it does not have advanced features like Photoshop. FireAlpaca is available for download on Windows (7,8,10) and Mac.

6. Seashore

If you are looking Photoshop alternative mac software, this is best for you. Seashore supports the same file formats as GIMP does and it runs on Mac OS X computers.

7. Mac Preview

You can use default PDF and image viewer Preview to edit an image in OS X. Preview is the basic editor that will help you quickly crop, rotate, adjust color, resize, and other simple editing features. Read the tutorial on how to use Preview.

8. Pixelmator

Pixelmator is another freemium photo editor for Mac users and it only allows 30 days free trial. It has some cool features. Download free trial.

Top Free Online Photoshop Alternatives

9. Photopea

Photopea is alternatives to Photoshop for a free web-based image editor. It provides pro tools for its advanced image editing. Photopea is similar to Photoshop and also provides most of the features for image editing. It does accept GIMP, Photoshop PSD files, and Sketch.

Moreover, there is support for file formats such as RAW, PNG, and JPG. As Photopea is free to use, it does not provide features like Photoshop tools provide such as content-aware fill.

Though Photopea provides features like blend modes, layer masks as it supports layers, quick selection of tool, and magnetic lasso tool. There are more features in Photopea like you can crop images, change colors, blur, and add text. The lacking point in Photopea is that there are ads with free version usage. Photopea is available for download on Windows (7,8,10) as well as Mac.

10. Canva

Canva is one of the alternatives to Photoshop as it goes beyond image-editing and providing design tools. The Canva can make a simple design for any user as it includes thousands of elements. The wonderful elements such as layouts, fonts, and stock photographs.

You will get a lot of elements for free and even, you can use your own images too for editing purposes. The Canva user-interface is friendly in that you can make a business card, blog image, or birthday card in just a few seconds. Canva is available for download on Windows and Mac.

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11. Pixlr

Pixlr.com is one of best photo editor online tool which can be used through web browser. For using Pixlr, you don’t need to download software.

12. PicMonkey

PicMonkey is one of the oldest free image editing web app. It has many cool features for free, for example social media image like Facebook covers, Instagram post, YouTube template, logos and Ads banners.

13. SumoPaint

Another photo editing and drawing tool online is SumoPaint that can be used for your instant needs. It provides editing features like editing tools and layering. The Sumopaint operates in most Flash-based browsers. It is also known as cloud-based as you never need to install the software to operate on it.

In Sumopaint, you can open the files in formats such as PNG, JPEG, and GIF. The projects could be saved in the same format as well as in the native SUMO format. The most significant features of the Sumopaint are a color picker, over 300 brushes, selection tools with undo features, and clone stamping. Moreover, it also provides up to 100 layers with effect and layer bending modes. Sumopaint is available for download on Windows and Mac.

14. Aviary

15. BeFunky

16. Canva Photo Editor

17. Fotor

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Best Open source Photoshop Alternatives

18. CinePaint

CinePaint is powerful photo retouching tool with support for even high 32-bit color fidelity. This free tool has been used by major Hollywood studios to design Animated feature films in the past. CinePaint supports file formats: BMP, CIN, DPX, EXR, GIF, JPEG, OpenEXR, PNG, TIFF, and XCF.

19. GrafX2

GrafX2 is free open-source Photoshop alternative for all operating system such as Linux, DOS, Windows, Haiku, AmigaOS, MorphOS, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, and Atari MiNT platforms.

20. Inkscape

Inkscape is a free and open-source vector graphics similar to Adobe Illustrator. It runs on Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows desktop computers.

21. Xara Xtreme

Paid Photoshop Alternatives

22. Serif Photoplus X7

23. Paintshop Pro X7

24. Pixelmator


With the usage of the above alternatives to Photoshop, you can start editing your image, and that too free of cost. Hope that the article best photoshop alternatives free for image editing was helpful to you.

Do comment if you found this article helpful, so we can provide you more informative articles for better usage free of cost.

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