20 WordPress Backup Plugins

Backing up your WordPress site’s database is essential to safely backup your site’s database and files to prevent losing their WP website to server errors, hackers, or accidents. This ensures that daily backups are available, should you need to restore your website and your WordPress install runs fast and is optimized correctly. You can backup your website manually or by using WordPress plugins.

The WordPress plugins directory has various plugins that enable you to easily backup your site’s database. These WordPress plugins make it easy to create scheduled backups of your WordPress website, you can manage the backup time, location, select which files to backup and importantly they allow you to restore files easily. In this post, we present you 20 most useful free and premium plugins for backing up your WordPress database.


Automatically back up your website files and database and then upload them to any cloud services of your choice. You can even get it to send the files to you via emails.

WordPress Smart Backup

Smart Backup is a complete WordPress solution for database backup and restore operations. You can create backups of your complete WordPress installation, files only, or database only. Backups can be restored with one click. Options for the scheduler include timeouts (for tight PHP servers), backup types (files, .sql, complete) and notification emails for backup success or failure.


Manages your WordPress database. The plugin permits the WP blog owner to schedule automatic backups of his site’s database (via email or server backup) or manually download it. It also allows the admin to select which database table items to backup and either optimize, repair, delete, or restore the database.

WordPress Backup to Dropbox

Keep your valuable WordPress website, its media and database backed up to Dropbox in minutes with this sleek, easy to use plugin. WordPress Backup to Dropbox has been created to give you piece of mind that your blog is backed up on a regular basis.

Google Drive for WordPress Backup

Google drive for WordPress plugin used to backup WordPress files and DB with Google Drive. This plugin used to Make backups of your WordPress files and Mysql DB with Google Drive. Google Drive for WordPress is a plugin that provides backup capabilities for WordPress. Backups are ‘zip’ archives created locally and uploaded to a folder of your choosing on Google Drive.


Pressbackup is the easiest plugin available for backing up your wordpress site automatically. Easily backup your WordPress site using our Pro cloud service or DropBox, Amazon S3, or a local folder. This plugin allows your wordpress blog administrator to schedule backups of your entire site, restore backups, and migrate your site in the event of your server failure or moving.

Hot Backup Manager

Hot Backup Manager is WordPress plugin, which allows to create database and/or files system backups and restore them. This plugin is created for owners of WordPress sites and will be handy in site maintainance. After successful backup creation it is possible to send backup file to remote FTP host or to online storage provider like Dropbox or Amazon S3.


Another free WordPress backup plugin that lets you restore and migrate your site’s WP installation folder and MySQL tables. Backups must be initiated manually and can be stored either on your server or downloaded to your computer.

AWS Backup Manager

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Backup Manager is a WordPress plugin that allows you to quickly sync your WordPress site and Amazon Web Services hosting account for extremely simple backup management. AWS Backup Manager allows you to easily connect to Amazon Simple Storage Services for WordPress website backups. Amazon S3 is storage for the Internet. It is designed to make web-scale computing easier for developers.


WP-DB-Backup allows you easily to backup your core WordPress database tables. You may also backup other tables in the same database.  It enables you to download the backup files on your computer, save it on the server or even send it to your mailbox.

Ether Backup WordPress Plugin

Ether Backup WordPress Plugin provides an easy interface for managing and auto scheduling fully customized backups of your WordPress site.

Online Backup for WordPress

Online Backup for WordPress allows you to easily backup your WordPress site with encryption to email, download or free 100 MB secure online storage. Backup Technology’s free Online Backup plugin provides protection for WordPress sites and their data.

myRepono WordPress Backup Plugin

myRepono is an online website backup service which enables you to securely backup your WordPress web site files and mySQL database tables using an online and web-based management system. The myRepono online website backup service allows you to automate the process of backing up your entire WordPress web site and database, including all post, comments and user data, and your WordPress PHP, template and plugin files.


VaultPress is a subscription-based protection, security and backup service for WordPress blogs and sites. Built on the same Automattic grid that serves over 20 million blogs and 300 million monthly visitors, VaultPress secures your site.

XCloner – Backup and Restore

XCloner is a full backup and restore plugin for WordPress, it will backup and restore both files and database. XCloner is a Backup and Restore component designed for PHP/Mysql websites, it can work as a native plugin for WordPress and Joomla!

Backup Scheduler

With this plugin, you can plan how to backup of your entire websites folders, files and database – compatible with Multisite installation (WordPress MU).

WP Complete Backup

WP Backup Complete is an easy to use, complete backup solution for WordPress. The plugin offers the ability to backup the database as well as make a complete file system backup.


CodeGuard is a secure, automatic daily backup service for your WordPress blog or website that notifies you when something changes and lets you undo it with ease. In addition to taking automatic daily backups, CodeGuard does a comparison between each backup, which will reveal to you any new files that have been placed on your website.


Make backups of your WordPress site to Google Drive. Backup is a plugin that provides backup capabilities for WordPress. Backups are ziparchives of created locally and uploaded to a folder of your choosing on Google Drive.


This plugin will do a backup of your WordPress database and, or your files in wp-content/uploads and saves it somewhere safe. You can have the backup saved in yourDropbox account, a FTP account of your choise, your account with Online File Folder, or have the backup emailed to you (not recommended for large files).

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Written by Kirushananthan