10 Useful Chrome Extensions for WordPress

  This is a collection of the best Chrome extensions for WordPress users.

1. WordPress.com Extension


WordPress.com Extension is an awesome blogging extension quick post and an easier way to see notification. you can start new blog posts instantly from your browser toolbar.


2. WordPress.org Plugins SVN Link


WordPress.org Plugins SVN Link extensions runs only on WordPress plugins pages. It adds a button that links to the plugin’s SVN repo under the .zip file download button.


3. WordPress Version Check


WordPress Version Check extensions display the WordPress version and also check if it’s the latest version or outdated.


4. WordPress Site Manager


WordPress Site Manager Extension will store your WordPress site information and allow quick and easy access to your sites main pages. This extension also provides more functionality to the WordPress theme editor. 


5. WordPress Admin Bar Control


WordPress Admin Bar Control is a simple extension that lets you easily turn on/off the WordPress admin bar on any site you are viewing.


6. Quick Switch for WordPress Accounts


It allows you to quickly switch between multiple WordPress accounts on multiple domains. It’s simple, easy to use and fast.


7. Theme Sniffer


Theme Sniffer extension that will tell you what theme a WordPress or Joomla site is using.


8. WP Write


WP Write Chrome Extension supports WordPress.com blogs and self-hosted WordPress sites. Uses XML-RPC API.


9. MultiPress


The MultiPress extension allows quick and easy access to your WordPress blog’s “Press This” interface from Chrome. You can add up to five WordPress sites to the settings, allowing you to quickly post to any of your favorite sites.


10. Wordpress Style Editor


Using WordPress Style Editor, you can inspect your theme styles and make modifications to the CSS. you can instantly save those CSS changes directly to your theme stylesheet, without editing any files, or using FTP programs.

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