3 Steps to Head towards a Remarkable Conversion Rate through Your Website

If you have an up and running website for your business, you have already taken the first big step towards empowered marketing of your brand. There isn’t a better place today than the Internet to make a noise in the market and grab the attention of your potential customers. Be it the newest of businesses, if you have the firepower, the Internet can do wonders for you.

While there is no dearth of the options it tosses right at us, having a dedicated website for your company makes everything easier and much more rewarding. The website is the online face of your brand that tells the visitors everything about your company. And it is not just the information you provide on the site, but also the ay your website is designed and presented to the visitor. Even with extensively written content about your business, a shabby looking website isn’t likely to sustain the visitors that somehow stumbled upon it.

Here are a few things to tuck in when you have a website:

Make a Great Impression with the Landing Page

The age old saying goes like, “first impression is the last impression”, and the saying refuses to lose its charm and efficacy even as the world has moved from being connected through letters to having real-time conversations on WhatsApp. And when it comes to the websites, the landing page surely creates the first impressions.

On the landing pages, you do not include every single detail about your company. Rather, it can serve as the window to what you offer. Keep it clutter-free and include as little content as you can. By making sure it is clean to look at, you are making sure that visitors will further probe by clicking on the categories or service links which should be right at the top of the page. The visitors shouldn’t be made to look for them.

Be cautious with the colors and the overall texture you use. If you are running a fancy business, like a cool coffee joint, using coffee colors would look great. For an IT business website however, keep the

minimal tone. Do not include too many colors and keep the mood as formal as you can. It won’t really go well with your brand if you are using too much of red, or even the slightest shade of pink.

Keep it Responsive

You won’t want your website to crash as soon as the visitors open it on their browsers, do you? Non-responsive web pages kill the user experience and make them never visit your site again. Also, the slow loading times are equally dangerous, as your user is looking to get the website loaded as quickly as possible. The patience on the web runs thin, thus having super slick designs which only render the loading times of the website crawl will not hold you in good stead. Ever.

Keep it Useful-Content-Rich

Content arguably communicates your brand message to the user in the most empowered and effective manner. And this is why each service offered by you should be anchored by elaborative content that effectively puts forth what a particular service is all about. The content should bring every service detail to the forefront – details on what you offer and why are you best at what you offer.

Do not weigh your website down with content that is there just for the sake of being there. Every piece of text on the website should serve a serious purpose. To make sure the content doesn’t look out of place, hire the content writing companies that employ a pool of talented and highly creative writers. These writers have extensive experience in writing for websites of a diversified clientele. Yours be software firm or a company that belongs to the petroleum industry, the content writing companies assure best quality writing, one that truly uses all the right words and tone to bring out your brand’s voice.

Conversion rate is a science that brands are yet to master. And till they crack the code and deliver the right deliverables that count, it will continue to remain stagnant, or worse, head south.

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