30 Useful Tutorials to Create WordPress Plugin

How to Create a WordPress Plugin. In this post, we are featuring 30 useful WordPress plugins development tutorials to help you create your first WordPress plugin.

Every website has different needs and will require different plugins. Writing your own WordPress plugin is not that difficult if you are a web developer with basic PHP skills. Today, we have gathered a list of 30 excellent tutorials to build WordPress plugin.

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Writing a Plugin

WordPress Plugins allow easy modification, customization, and enhancement to a WordPress blog. Instead of changing the core programming of WordPress, you can add functionality with WordPress Plugins. Here is a basic definition:



Ten Things Every WordPress Plugin Developer Should Know

Plugins are a major part of why WordPress powers millions of blogs and websites around the world. The ability to extend WordPress to meet just about any need is a powerful motivator for choosing WordPress over other alternatives.


Building a Dynamic Custom Post Type Plugin

Often, you get to make a choice and decide how you will implement a certain functionality. WordpPress has a pretty flexible approach for almost any problem, and in this tutorial we are going to take a look at how flexible the custom post type API is.

Build a Slideshow Plugin for WordPress

Integrating slideshow functionality into WordPress is a highly required feature for almost any theme, but how hard is it to include and how flexible is it? In this tutorial we are going to, in different ways, include one of the most popular and used jQuery slideshows, Nivo Slider.


How to Build a WordPress Plugin

Every so often the WordPress plugin directory does not offer a complete solution to a problem you are having. When this happens, sometimes the best option is to dig into the WordPress Plugin API and build what you need.



Create WordPress Plugins with OOP Techniques

In this tutorial, I will teach you the basics of writing a WordPress plugin using object oriented techniques. We’ll be using Dribbble’s API as an example for this tutorial. Ready?


Create a Custom WordPress Plugin From Scratch

This tutorial will describe the implementation of a WordPress plugin starting from scratch. The plugin will connect to an external OSCommerce database and display random products on your WordPress site. It also implements a configuration page for the WordPress admin panel.


Beginner’s Guide to WordPress Plugin Development

We’ll be going over a few ways to get started in plug-ins development for WordPress. The steps are fairly simple and don’t require a large dedication to study. Rudimentary knowledge of PHP would be useful even with a basic understanding of the WordPress file structure and Administration panel.


Writing Your First Plugin for WordPress: A Primer

One of the great things about WordPress is the possibility to add your own custom functions/processes/enhancements without “touching” the core system. It is what we call a “plugin”.


Blank WordPress Plugin Tutorial

f your here then you are most probably looking to make a blank WordPress Plugin. The code for which is on this page at the bottom. It is explained as we go along and makes a fantastic base for whatever you are trying to extend WordPress with.


How To Create A Simple WordPress Plugin

Almost every WordPress user is familiar with plugins and their benefits as a whole. They simplify complex tasks and enhance the functionality of your weblog without modifying the core.


Create Database Tables for Your WordPress Plugin

In order to advance your WordPress plugin development (or even theme development), one of the steps you will need to make is learning how to create and work with additional database tables, which you can use to store information used by your plugin.


Random Quote Plugin With Custom Post Type

In this second version of the random quote plugin we move a bit further and use some more tools and functions. Custom post types are available since WordPress v3.0.


An Introduction to the Posts 2 Posts Plugin

In a nutshell, Posts to Posts provides a system for creating relationships between pieces of content on your site. You can use it for manually specifying related posts, other recommended content and many more advanced uses.


How to create your own WordPress functionality plugin

A common, yet unfortunate practice in the WordPress community involves filling theme functions.php files with tweaks and functionality that is key to a site. The reason this is a bad idea, in short, is that it will tie your critical site functionality to a theme that will eventually change. Good news, though: there is a much better, smarter alternative.


Building a WordPress plugin: Tweetable

Today we are going to build a Tweetable WordPress plugin from scratch, This plugin will pull latest 5 tweets from Twitter and display it in our WordPress sidebar.


Creating a custom functions plugin for end users

Most of the WordPress tutorials I write mention adding custom functions to your theme’s functions.php file. Many of the other tutorials around the Web will use this same technique for adding custom code. However, there are different ways of handling custom functions.

How to Create an Instant Image Gallery Plugin for WordPress

Learn how to create a simple, automatically generated image gallery plugin with thumbnail navigation for WordPress. The end result is a simple, attractive gallery with thumbnail navigation that is createdautomatically whenever you upload images to a post or page.


How to Develop a Custom Page Excerpt Plugin for WordPress

You may have noticed the “Featured Image” box when editing a post or page. It allows you to upload or select an associated image for the article. It generally appears as a thumbnail when viewing a list of posts, perhaps in a category index or search results.



How to create a “Recent Posts” WordPress Plugin

In this little article I will show you how to create a “Recent Posts” plugin, so you could get the general idea. It will be best understood if you are familiar to PHP programming language.



Front-End Author Listing And User Search For WordPress


Easy WordPress Plugin Development (Part 1)

In this tutorial series, we’ll progress through the entire WordPress plugin development process. We’ll create a useful (but basic) plugin, add security measures, submit it to the WordPress repository, and promote it.


A Crash-Course in WordPress Plugin Development

Despite an extensive codex, many WordPress users remain unfamiliar with how to create their own custom plugins. In today’s screencast, we’ll start from scratch and build our first usable plugin. For this example, we’ll write a simple “tuts formatting” function that allows a blog editor to more easily format articles.



WordPress Event Calendar Using Custom Post Types and Verbose Calendar

We use WordPress Event Calendar to show the posts created on each day. Also visitors would love to know about the future posts. I have seen some sites which provide the Title of future tutorials so that visitors can stay updated on the topics they like.


Building a Client Testimonials Slider Plugin

We are going to create a client testimonial slider. You will be able to add new client testimonials in the admin, and show them on your website through shortcodes. For sliding the testimonials we will use the free SlideJS jQuery plugin.


How to Create Your Very First WordPress Plugin

So I’ve decided to create this one, and you can apply these steps even if you know nothing about programming and are just getting started. While you might never become a master programmer, you can learn to make small corrections which can be helpful if you don’t have the budget to hire a webmaster.


WordPress Essentials: How To Create A WordPress Plugin

WordPress plugins are PHP scripts that alter your website. The changes could be anything from the simplest tweak in the header to a more drastic makeover (such as changing how log-ins work, triggering emails to be sent, and much more).


Building a WordPress Security Plugin: The Basics

In this set of tutorials, we will be going through the process of creating a WordPress plugin to detect and fix any security flaws that may lie in your WordPress installation.


Creating a Plugin to Add Votes to Your WordPress Comments Using AJAX

In this article we are going to write a plugin to add a voting system on the comments which could be useful if the commenting system is used in a different way like in the examples stated above and many others that you can think up.


Build a WordPress Plugin to Add Author Biographies to Your Posts

Many popular blogs these days are authored by multiple contributors. Today, we’ll create a simple WordPress plugin that will allow us to add the post author’s biography to the conclusion of each post.

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